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The creation of art is not the fulfillment of a need but the creation of a need. The world never needed Beethovenís Fifth Symphony until he created it. Now we could not live without it.
(Louis Kahn)

Information for Artists

A Starving Artist is NOT a Romantic Image!

  • Instruction and Inspiration
    • How to Get Started as an Artist: Although I am not in a position to teach you everything you want to know, I hope these tips get you going.
    • How to Become an Artist's Model: I get asked this a lot, so it was time to add a Web page on this topic.
    • [Robert Genn] Robert Genn's Creative, Inspirational Letter: Robert Genn's is one e-mail I really look forward to every Tuesday and Friday. It covers topics such as workspaces, pricing, galleries, Web marketing, regular marketing, creative blocks, relationships with non-artists and family, traveling, controversial subjects, etc. The clickbacks are fun too since people have interesting opinions or contributions on some topics. The correspondence is usually addressed to painters, but there are all kinds of creative people in this group. He also has a great section of the site devoted to quotes. [Robert died in 2014; but his daughter, painter Sara Genn continues on with the letters.]
    • Life Drawing Sessions: compiled by Andrew Cahner, includes listing for Austin, Texas, as well as other cities in the USA
    • Art Books: a listing of reference materials, mostly sculpture and drawing related
    • www.studioproducts.com: geared to 2-D artists, but if you are interested in recipes for making pigments or mediums, demos, and a whole lot more, this is a pretty cool site. They also sell hard to find chemical items (mediums and more).
    • Sculptural Pursuit Magazine: features sculptors and topics of interest to sculptors
    • ArtsJournal: Stay Informed! Free Weekly Top Arts News Stories e-Newsletter
  • Supplies and Services
    • Art Supplies I: links page for businesses offering supplies to create primarily 2-D art, including paint, canvas, & frames; as well as gallery wall hanging systems, booth display equipment (lighting, portable walls, canopies, etc.)
    • Sculpture Supplies: links page for businesses offering supplies to create 3-D art, including tools, stone, clay, abrasives and other finishing supplies, marble bases, & pedestals
    • Bronze Casting Foundries: a list of foundries that I know about, mainly in Texas
    • Bronze Casting Process: brief overview of casting process, less the step of making the (first) reusable mold
  • The Business of Art
    • Art Biz Coach: Alyson B. Stanfield, Stanfield Art Associates, is a wonderful art coach (I took her musuems class 2003) and you will enjoy her FREE weekly marketing e-newsletter. Go to her site to sign up!
    • Get Clients Now: C. J. Hayden writes the best marketing newsletter that I receive -- and it is free. Sign up today.
    • Clint Watson's Fine Art Views: a free email newsletter about art, marketing, inspiration and fine living for artists, collectors and galleries (and anyone else who loves art) .
    • Marcia Yudkin's Marketing Minute: brief, but useful marketing tip via e-mail each Wednesday
    • Empty Easel.com: lots of advice about selling art online with newsletter and so much more
    • ArtAdvice.com: Sylvia White dishes out the straight talk about surviving as an artist
    • Business Tips: Although I wrote this page for candle makers, I have been told by several viewers that these are good tips for any business.
    • CafePress.com: sell your art on T-shirts, mugs, and even mousepads. CafePress takes care of the production (with your instructions, images, and permission), shipping, and billing. You determine what you make from each sale. Some artists may think this is selling out, but I call it good marketing! Check out my store.
      (If asked which Store ID referred you, please give them mine: buyart. Thank you.)
    • Doing Weekend-Type Shows: although I wrote this page about booth setup for candle makers at craft shows, a lot of these tips could be useful to artists who chose to sell their work via art shows. These weekend shows are great ways to build up your mailing list!
    • Sunshine Artist: the monthly magazine for art festival & craft show exhibitors, promoters, buyers (They rate and list the best shows. Check out their online archives section.)
    • www.festivalnet.com: find art events in various parts of the country + biz tips (free newsletter)
    • How to Commission an Artist: this page was created by the dialogue via e-mail of a client with Kelly while she was Webmaster of the Texas Society of Sculptors' Web site. This is a good start for realizing the minimum of what the professional artist should deliver in a commission situation.
    • Sample Contract: just a starting point for things to consider before you accept a commission
    • US Copyright Office (on Library of Congress site): answers legal questions about this very important topic; includes application forms for visual and other artists
    • US Customs Information (for shipping artworks out of US): click on "tariff and tax information" link
    • www.artbusiness.com This site has great info. for artists and collectors. Artists should read both sections (or articles) so they can pass this information on to their potential collectors!
    • www.jjkaufman.com need legal advice for the art biz? includes copyright info.
    • Texas Accountants and Lawyers for the Arts affordable membership for individual artists; support for non-profit arts organizations, too.
    • http://1x.com/advisor/ How to sell your art online by Chris Maher
    • Art Shipping Tips UK-based
    • National Fine Arts Title Registry: Document the authenticity of your work. National Fine Arts Title Registration was established to track, organize and document works of art no matter what the value or origin . . .
    • www.artstaxinfo.com: Riley & Associates; tax info. for artists--visual, musical, & film artists, as well as writers
    A Starving Artist is
    NOT a Role Model!
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  • Miscellaneous
    • Links: This page should point you towards lots of useful information, such as arts organizations, Web-sites that promote or inform about art and artists, schools, shows, and other artists.
    • TimeandDate.com: find the local times anywhere in the world; good for international business http://www.town-usa.com/timezoneworldclocks.html

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