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[drawing in pastel] 2 July 2001

In July 2001, my sisters, mother, and Aunt Patsy visited us and we all went to a life drawing session in Austin, Texas. Since the poses were to be no longer than 30 minutes, I thought I would try to work in pastels. I don't normally like to work in pastel, but I won a small set 2-3 years ago in a "grand opening" drawing for a new art store and thought I should try my hand at color for a change.

Once the session was over, my sister Amber came over and started laughing at me and took this photo on my mother's digital camera. I include this picture here since quite a few of my peers have told me that I paint like a sculptor (obviously not in this sketch). The reason I ended up looking like this is that I often touch my own body's anatomy when working, especially if I am too far away from the model to see the nuances in shape and tone. Painting in oils has never caused me to feel sheepish about my "makeup" though, because I paint with a brush, not my fingers.

Amber wondered why the model, Eric, did not smile more during the pose (he's a professional). He was looking at some point on the wall behind me and he must have seen what was happening. Oh well, at least pastels wash off!
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Photo by Amber Plank

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