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[teaching art] 19 September 2005

Kelly Borsheim Gives Sculpture Talk to Students

Sculptor Kelly Borsheim was invited to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in Dallas on September 18-19, 2005, to share her experiences and observations as a sculptor with four different classes of middle school children (grades 4-7). Her visit started off their fourth annual ArtsWeek program, developed by art lover and parent Ed Marhanka and the school's art teacher Cindy Lewin. While there, Kelly was treated to a visit to the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Museum of Art. Topics that Kelly covered during her visit with the kids included clay portraiture, stone carving, the bronze casting process, some anatomy (with a skeleton), and, of course, how necessary drawing is to sculptors.

Photo by art teacher Cindy Lewin, copyright 19 September 2005.

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