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[screech owls] May 2001

We hear owls almost all of the time around here, but rarely have we known where they nest. This pair of screech owls nests near our home in Cedar Creek, Texas, each spring. We first discovered them in 1995 when Kelly's studio/addition was being built. I was so thrilled to be able to take this photograph. Most of the time the grey owl ("Mama") stays in the hole in an oak tree right outside the studio, while the brown owl ("Lyle" or "Rusty") is on guard in a nearby tree. "Mama" is easy to distinguish from other grey screech owls because she has one pupil much larger than the other.

A new pair of screech owls began to inhabit this oak tree in spring 2004 (both grey -- and much shyer, yet aggressive). We have not seen "Mama" or "Lyle" since they left in June 2003.

Photo by Kelly Borsheim

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