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Kelly Borsheim's Art of the Human Form - Charcoal Figure Drawing

[art drawing of nude male figure]


25" x 15"
charcoal drawing
Roma-brand paper
© 2008
Kelly Borsheim

SOLD - Private Collection
El Paso, Texas

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"Ernesto" - Original Charcoal Drawing, Male Nude Art

Here is a detail image of the charcoal drawing of male model Ernesto. Kelly missed about two weeks of a 5 or 6 week session with the model (3 hours per day, 4 days per week) because she had the flu and could not get out of bed. Still, she was fairly happy with what was accomplished despite this shorter drawing time.

Here he is framed, with acid-free mat and Museum Glass [a brand name of non-reflecting glass]:
[art drawing of nude male figure]

[detail of drawing of nude male model]

"Ernesto" - The Cartoon

The image on the right shows a close-up view of Kelly's cartoon with the design of the shapes in the model's face. The cartoon is the drawing in which the artist makes the design decisions, later transferring this design to the final surface of the artwork, in this case, Roma-brand charcoal drawing paper.
[detail of cartoon of drawing the male figure]

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