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Kelly Borsheim's Art of the Human Form - Charcoal Figure Drawing

[art drawing of nude female figure]


25" x 15"
crème Umbria-brand paper
© 2008
Kelly Borsheim


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[cartoon drawing of nude female model] [cartoon drawing of nude female model]
These images are from Kelly's cartoon for the drawing "Ilaria." The purpose of the cartoon
is to decide on the gesture and design of the shadow versus light shapes. Kelly put too much
information (details) into this cartoon, mostly because so much of the figure was cast in shadow.

[lavender gift near classical drawing]

"Ilaria" - Classical Nude Drawing

If you have never posed for a life drawing session before, you may not have thought much about how the body works, especially blood flow. This pose that the model Ilaria was in made her lower leg fall asleep, especially later in the the three-hour session. But for the model to stop this problem, she would have had to move her hip around, which would have lost the beauty of the gesture. She was a trooper to be sure! Most days Kelly brought Ilaria a little snack such as chocolate, and once a cake from Ilaria's native north Italian home. One day, the model surprised Kelly with a small bouquet of lavender that she picked from her garden in Tuscany, outside of Florence, Italy. Boy did the studio smell great that day!

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