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46 x 64 cm (18" x 25")
charcoal with pastel
grey Roma-brand paper
© 2009
Kelly Borsheim


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[art drawing of nude female figure]

"Daydreaming of Yesterday" - Original Charcoal Drawing of Nude Woman

My friend Jessica is from Sicily and has those dramatically beautiful looks typical of Mediterranean women. My colleague Dana and I hired her in January 2009 to pose for us in Dana's apartment. We worked for six days in a row before Jessica had to start up a new job. While we were waiting for Jessica to be available again, Dana and I hired another friend and later a young Italian model that I met while I was hosting an Open Studio in Florence, Italy. So, this drawing took me the longest simply because I did not have as much time with the model all grouped together.
[art drawing female nude]

I am still exploring different environments for placing a figure and so, other than the couch, the rest of this drawing consists of made-up elements that allowed me to place light and dark shapes where I felt they added to the overall composition.

[detail of charcoal drawing]

Designing a Portrait Drawing

[designing a portrait drawing]

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