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40 x 62 cm (16" x 24")
charcoal with pastel / carboncino con pastelli
light brown Roma-brand paper
© 2009
Kelly Borsheim

SOLD - Private Collection,
Houston, Texas, USA

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This drawing was part of the exhibit
Luce dall'oscurità (Light from Darkness)
in Florence, Italy 2009

[art drawing of nude female figure]

"Hindsight" - Original Charcoal Drawing of Nude Woman

This is an image of Kelly's drawing setup. She and colleague Dana Nechmad worked in Dana's apartment in Florence, Italy. (Those are Dana's framed drawings on the walls.) Kelly tends to prefer a strong backlight, despite the fact that it often means that she is slightly blinded while drawing. Still, the effect is worth it.

A friend of Kelly and Dana's modeled for this drawing in January and February of 2009. Perhaps you can see the scotch (masking tape) marking the model's position on the bed. This original charcoal drawing with white pastel debuted in Florence, Italy, in Kelly's solo exhibit titled Kelly Borsheim: Luce dall'oscurità.
[art drawing studio setup]

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