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Kelly Borsheim's Art of the Human Form - Charcoal Figure Drawing

"Hellcat at the Pitti"

18" x 25"
charcoal with pastel / carboncino con pastelli
Magnani Vergata fatto a mano 160 gr
(handmade Italian paper)
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

[Framed with offset white mat, black wood frame, & Museum Glass]

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[art drawing nude male model on Confederate Hellcat motorcycle at Pitti Palace]
[art drawing nude male model on Confederate Hellcat motorcycle at Pitti Palace]

"Hellcat at the Pitti" - Original Charcoal Drawing from Florence, Italy

How lucky I have been to be able to live for a bit Florence, Italy, (Firenze, Italia)! During my 2010 stay there, I lived not far from the Pitti Palace. Late one night while I was walking home, I stopped to admire how the light was hitting a stone arch and shortly afterwards with other inspirations available, an idea started to form ...

Italians are well-known for their love of motorcycles and racing. However, I was not much exposed to this part of life until this same trip. And while I cannot even remotely claim to be an expert, I must say that I have learned how beautiful the lines are on a Confederate Hellcat motorcycle! I wanted to emphasize this by adding a gorgeous male nude figure on the bike. Add my beloved backlighting and . . . wha-lah!
-- Kelly

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