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Kelly Borsheim's Art - Charcoal Drawing Male Nude Copy of Mariano Fortuny Crucifix

Male Nude on Crucifix, after Mariano Fortuny

68 x 50 cm [26.7 x 19.7 inches]
charcoal drawing on Umbria paper
© 2013 Kelly Borsheim


[Also available with acid-free mat and black solid wood frame
and glass as shown below, please inquire.]
Ships from Florence, Italy.

[art male nude crucifix Jesus symbol charcoal drawing Mariano Fortuny copy]
[art male nude crucifix Jesus symbol charcoal drawing Mariano Fortuny copy framed]

After Mariano Fortuny-Nude Male on Crucifix - Original Charcoal Drawing

I got my hands of a sheet of Umbria paper, made in Italy, but no longer available. I have a small supply of it. I like the more organic and less geometric look compared to a lot of the lined papers that I also like. The crème color is lovely too. So, I chose to create a copy of a charcoal drawing attributed to Mariano Fortuny, a Catalan painter, famous in his own day (1838 – 1874).

What I particularly like about the piece, besides the obviously well-done male figure, of course, is that just as with Michelangelo’s “Pietà,” one does not think of the parts that do not fit. Few rarely notice that if Michelangelo’s Mary stood up, she would be of towering and inaccurate proportion compared to the grown man who is her son.

In the Fortuny, the “cross” the man poses against, does not match up. I love it that one arm straddles a slightly twisting branch, while the other reaches along a wooden plank. It is an abstraction of sorts. The artist is more interested in where the light and dark shapes can play off one another than he is in reality.

I hope you enjoy my copy of this work. He is available. The drawing is 68 x 50 cm (approximately 26 x 20 inches). Priced to find a new home at $1600 [unframed] with free international shipping from Italy. Just contact the studio if you are interested in this charcoal drawing. Thank you for looking!
~ Kelly Borsheim

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