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Kelly Borsheim's Art - Charcoal Drawing of Water

Effervescence / "Effervescenza"

28" x 21" [71 x 53 cm]
charcoal w/black pastel / carboncino con pastelli
Thick paper made in Tuscany
© 2016
Kelly Borsheim

SOLD - Private Collection
North Carolina

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[art charcoal drawing splash water fountain Milan Italy, bubbles]
[art drawing water splashing into fountain detail of charcoal drawing on paper by Kelly Borsheim]

Effervescence - Original Charcoal Drawing

Effervescence describes a feeling of energy and joy I had in Milano when I saw the sun hitting the water of a public fountain in that city in Italy. I chose to do this drawing in charcoal because I find black and white so touchable, meaning that I WANT to reach out to touch it. As the artist, I love the feel of charcoal in my hand and making a mark on the paper. Also, I wanted to explore with this medium a bit more and try a technique to give the splatter sensation that sprouting water does. It is easy to get lost in a moment filled with water and light.

Bubbly fountains bring calm and joy and in the summer, a refreshing mist of cool air. The sun is backlighting the water and has a dazzling effect. Thank you for viewing my art.
~ Kelly Borsheim

[art charcoal drawing of a water fountain and splashes Milano Italia Milan Italy bubbles detail]

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