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Original Charcoal Drawings - Many Inspired by the Human Form

by Kelly Borsheim

Please note that almost all 2-D art images may be ordered as giclée and/or notecards.

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[contemporary drawing]

[contemporary drawing]

[contemporary drawing]

Fortuny Copy:
[Fortuny drawing]

Hellcat at the Pitti:
[charcoal drawing]

Le Scale Dell'Eros:
[pastel art]

Il Ponte Vecchio:
[charcoal drawing art]

[charcoal drawing art]

[drawing figure art]

[drawing figure art]

[drawing figure art]

Memories of Venice:
[charcoal drawing]

Il Dono:
[drawing figure art]

Second Thoughts:
[drawing figure art]

[charcoal drawing art]

[drawing figure art]

[charcoal drawing]

Niccolò da Uzzano:
[drawing figure art]

[drawing figure art]

[charcoal drawing art]

[drawing figure art]

[charcoal drawing]

Cast of an Ear:
[drawing figure art]

[art drawing of entwined fingers male nude]

"Memories of Venice":
[art drawing of nude female figure in Venice, Italy]

"Il Dono" ("The Gift"):
[art drawing of male figure offering a gift]

The drawings shown on this page are all done primarily in charcoal (carboncino in Italian). Some have minor additions of pastel to enhance contrast or add some accent color. Some of the drawings are done using the sight-size method from gesso (plaster) sculptures, but most were drawn from live models, both male and female. I tend to title these classically styled drawings after the models who inspired such work, primarily to honor them since I have discovered something beautiful in each one of them as I got to know them better. There is no greater joy than working with another living thing to produce something bellissimo. [Sometimes I must think of different titles, if I am lucky enough to have created more than one artwork of a specific individual.]

Most of the earlier drawings of the live models in more classical poses took a minimum of five weeks (maximum seven) with the model, three hours per day, four days per week. I often worked on these drawings after regular studio hours to try to maximize the quality of the time I had with my inspiring models. The sight-sized cast drawings took a lot longer. Because casts usually do not move, I used the sight-size method of drawing to train my eye and hands (I use both) to depict line, shapes, and tones. I was attempting an exact replica from a specific viewing point about two metres away from the drawing board and sculpture. A lot of pacing is involved in this method!

Charcoal is a demanding mistress of a medium. This lends itself at times to a love-hate relationship and I have yet to learn to have the patience to sharpen the charcoal correctly. But the feel of the vine on the right quality of paper is very sexy and I love the results when I am finished. I hope you find these white and black images appealing as well. I am experimenting with different papers, so each one shown will list the paper used, in case that is important to you.

Please click on the cropped thumbnail images above that interest you. You may read about the creations of some of these works on my blog. And see even more drawings here.

All drawings are for sale, unless noted otherwise. Please contact the studio or one of the galleries, if interested in one or more of my original figurative drawings. Thank you.
Kelly Borsheim

P.S. Please note that almost all 2-D art images may be ordered as giclée and/or notecards.

[Artist Kelly Borsheim draws in charcoal]
Artist Kelly Borsheim puts the finishing touches on "Écorché - The Flaming Archer"
25" x 18"
charcoal drawing 2008

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