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  • American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC)
    FREE Conservation Services Referral System
    available from FAIC (Foundation of the AIC)
    1717 K Street, NW, Suite 200
    Washington, DC (USA) 20006
    Phone: 202-452-9545
    Fax: 202-452-9328
    Web site: http://aic.stanford.edu
    E-mail: info@aic-faic.org
    This Institute (AIC) has many helpful pamphlets for your use. (I picked some up at a conference for artists about how to make lasting art. Much of the information on this page comes from such publications.)

  • National Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Properties (NIC)
    3299 K Street, NW, Suite 403
    Washington, DC (USA) 20007
    Phone: 202-625-1495
    Fax: 202-625-1485
    Mainly deals with national conservation and preservation needs; also offers bibliographies and other publications on related topics

  • Getty Conservation Institute (GCI)
    4503 Glencoe Avenue
    Marina del Rey, California (USA) 90292
    Phone: 310-822-2299
    Fax: 310-821-9409
    GCI addresses conservation problems of cultural property through its programs in scientific research, training, documentation, and publications and its administration of the Conservation Information Network (CIN).

  • The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC)
    6 Buckingham Street
    London, England WC2N 6BA
    Phone: 01-1441-839-5975

  • IIC-CG (Canadian Group)
    P. O. Box 9195 Terminal
    Ottawa, Ontario K1G 3T9
    Phone: 613-998-3721
    Fax: 613-998-4721

  • The Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA): check out the consumer's section of the Web site for framing tips to help preserve the art you love.
    4305 Sarellen Road
    Richmond, Virginia (USA) 23231
    Phone: 1-800-556-6228 or 804-226-0430
    Fax: 804-222-2175
    Web site: www.ppfa.com
    E-mail: ppfa@ppfa.com

Things to Consider

The following information came from a publication by the AIC (American Institute of Conservation) entitled "Guidelines for Selecting a Conservator". For additional titles, keep scrolling down.

Conservation and preservation of artwork takes time and expertise. Be wary of anyone who promises quick service. Be clear on the basis of all charges. Realize that not all conservators agree with certain treatment options. Speak with several conservators if you are not comfortable about your options. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Some of these might include:

  • conservator's training and length of professional experience
  • scope of practice (is conservation the primary activity?)
  • experience with the type of art for which you seek help
  • references and previous clients

What to Expect

  • Your artwork should be examined by the conservator prior to any work being done. You should receive a written preliminary report which explains the proposed treatment, expected results, and estimated costs. You should be consulted if any deviation from this report is needed.
  • Costs and schedules should be outlined. Ask about insurance, payment terms, shipping, and any additional fees. Allow plenty of time in case there is a backlog of work (although the schedule should be discussed prior to treatment).
  • You should receive a treatment report once the work has been completed. This report should include the list of materials and procedures used and "before" and "after" photographs may be included. It is also helpful if this document outlines continued care and maintainance of the artwork.

Some Additional Publication Titles by AIC

  • Caring for Your Paintings
  • Caring for Your Treasures -- Books to Help You
  • Basic Guidelines for the Care of Special Collections
  • Caring for Your Photographs
  • Caring for Works of Art on Paper
  • Matting and Framing Works of Art of Paper
  • Caring for Your Wooden Artifacts
  • Caring for Your Architecture

Please visit AIC's Web site for current information (link is at the top of this page).

Researching Artwork

Find out the history and perhaps artist's name of one of your works of art by hiring someone who knows and/or will find out for you.

Pat Taylor:I offer my services as a proxy researcher concerning artwork values and histories. If a client buys or inherits a work of art, and would like to know what its market value (approximately) is, or what auction houses, collectors or galleries might be interested, I can usually track down that information. I charge $125/hour and expect the client to carry his or her own insurance on the work of art.
Contact information: 512-220-4703 (studio--not a message phone) 512-589-7206 (cell--best way to get in touch)
Web site: www.pattaylorfineart.com
5303 Avenue H, Austin, Texas 78751

Pat also adds this: Dear Kelly, I can highly recommend the services of Sheryl Carraba, here in Austin. She did the paper conservation on several of my works of art. She can be reached at Carrabba Conservation, at conversation@austin.rr.com Her phone number is 512-452-5880. Her credentials are excellent.

I can also highly recommend Anne Zanikos of Anne Zanikos Conservation. She specializes in paintings, and is also excellent. Her studio is in San Antonio; she can be reached at Zanikos, Inc. at 1023 Shook Avenue, San Antonio Texas, 78212, and by calling 9210-828-1925. Her credentials are excellent.

Information on How to Ship Artwork

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