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January 2001

by Kelly Borsheim

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This has been a difficult month for me--full of sadness, excitement, and just plain stress. My Grandpa Mike Hackl died in his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, with family on 11 January and when my husband John and I returned from St. Paul, we received more bad news that our dear friend Betty Urton died on the 17th.

As I write this, I know that their loss has not fully "sunk in" yet. I will really feel it when I start to call them to share some news and they won't be around to hear it. I am glad, though, that we had many great conversations together and that I was able to tell them both recently that I was at the beginning of my new life as a full-time artist. Their encouragement will carry me far.

I always thought there was something wrong with me because I really never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Some of the ideas were: a mathematician, a teacher, an underwater photographer, and an image preservationist. It was not until about 1995 that I realized I was a sculptor. I was 31 years old. Not the oldest person to finally find her calling, but I still wondered why it took me so long to figure it out.

Even after that light bulb went off in my head, it took me years to "take the plunge". I have decided not to beat myself up anymore about being a late bloomer. I can now say that, "At least I'm blooming!" I am excited to say that this month, I sold my "day job" Internet-based beeswax candle supply business, Lumina Candles & Art, to some friends of mine in San Marcos, Texas. It will take me a little bit of time to regroup before I start working on art full time, but I am finally on my way. Please check back with my site occasionally as I create new works.

Grandpa Mike has many artists in his family, although my brother Paul pointed out recently that it appears to be only the women in the family who are interested in and good at creating visual art. I am proud to be one of them. Betty also has an artistic family, which includes her daughter, Robin Urton. You may visit Robin's site at: www.urtonart.com

In closing, I am excited (and somewhat nervous) about the change in my life's direction. But I am also grateful for all of the encouragement and support I have received over the years from family, friends, and visitors to my Web site and art shows.
Thank you so much,
Kelly Borsheim
24 January 2001


MARBLE/marble Symposium is a workshop for artists to learn how to carve marble. I have been honored with a scholarship to attend this symposium to be held in Marble, Colorado. This is a wonderful opportunity that I look forward to very much.
Dates: July 29-August 5, 2001

For details about all events, please visit:


I try to post images of new work as often as I can and wanted to alert you to a few new pieces in progress:
  1. New Sculptures:
  2. Paintings:

Kelly's sculptures and paintings may be purchased directly from her, or from Teeks Gallery "on the Square" in Wimberley, Texas. Teeks may be reached at (512) 847-8868. See below for Kelly's contact information.


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