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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 23 July 2008

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[new stone art]

Artist Kelly Borsheim
Colorado marble
new project

Dear Art Lover,
I am writing to you as hurricane "Hello Dolly" is causing some excitement in the woods surrounding my home studio in central Texas. First it was simply windy, but now, . . . oh my . . . we have RAIN! It is strange that the same event that is causing severe damage hundreds of miles away can be so beneficial to another area. We have had a long drought here.

And who would have thought that after being rained out almost EVERY SINGLE day March through June that I was working as a 'madonnara' (street painter) in Florence, Italy, that I would feel relieved to see another pour? But here I am. I had actually been trying to make it rain by leaving all of my studio windows open.

Allora, the plants will be thrilled! And maybe that will bring the bees back. I certainly do not mean to be insensitive to those who live along the Texas coastline, but it is often true that life is full of co-existing opposites or yin-yang.

Events - Teaching and Models

I just finished grouping together several of the summer classes to accommodate students who are traveling from far away to study with me in Austin, Texas. And I am really stoked about the August classes! I am even trying to talk my mother (also an artist, primarily a painter) into hanging out at the "Sculpting Hands and Feet" class. She is currently gallivanting around the country visiting our spread-out family and wants to cruise down to Texas to see her eldest before I head back to Italia.

Artists do better work with the energy that good models bring. Working from life is the best way for an artist to find something real in the voice. Knowing this, I have a great model Anthony, lined up for "Sculptural Anatomy." He must be fairly new to Austin (I have not been gone THAT long, have I?), but several of my sculptor friends asked me to work with him, so let us go for it!

And I rearranged the drawing class into a 2-day workshop. Now set for Monday and Tuesday, August 18 and 19, I have scheduled one of my all-time favorite male models, Eric J., for part of the class and I am still confirming my female model for another part. I hope that you will join us as I share my new drawing techniques from my work in Italy with workshop participants.

For the latest information, materials list, and registration options, please visit:


Do not forget the stone carving classes in my home studio!

New Work - 2 dimensions

Between dancing and drawing in Florence, I have had too little time to update my Web site. Well, I have fixed that. While I tried to show you new artworks on my blog, I have consolidated them on my site for easier viewing of the collection.

I have always been drawn to the touchable and what I see as introspective quality of monochromatic images. During this last half year, I have moved from pencil drawings into larger (and more time-intensive) drawings in charcoal. I want to thank my friend Rebecca Neef who said she was confused when she saw the image of my drawing "Écorché - The Flaming Archer." She thought it was an image of a sculpture that I had created and she was surprised that I had time to do both detailed drawings AND sculpture. (To my dismay, I have not had the time to do both.)

Click here: www.borsheimarts.com/charcoaldrawings.htm
Included is an unfinished charcoal drawing I have not even posted on my blog. While I am still making up for lost time (I contracted influenza during this session) and smoothing the background one dot at a time, other artists told me they were surprised by how much I got on paper of "Ernesto" after losing two weeks of model time.

I also posted another work-in-progress and the unfinished "Valentina." I want to work on my story telling and left this drawing in Italy so that I can play with shadows and composition once I return.

Portrait Drawings:

This page includes portraits of some of my artist friends. These individuals are already characters, but time will tell which become famous personalities soon! Collect a part of history in the making . . .

Figure Drawings:

Not quite like the daily paintings that so many artists are creating these days, but just as affordable. Included on this page are my white pastels on dark papers, as I experiment with the ever-intriguing figure in light and shadow.

Bargue Drawings:

Even Vincent Van Gogh is reported to have copied every Bargue in the book:

[figure drawing]

RECENT BLOG AWARD: http://artbyborsheim.blogspot.com

I try not to duplicate too much content on my blog and my site. The subscription list for the blog is different from the artlist I compile myself from my site visitors. The blog subscription list is one that I do not control or even see, but still, I suspect there is some overlap. And I would hate to bore you.

On the 19th of July, I received the Arte y pico Blog Award from Jeanne Rhea via her ART for the HEART blog based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. This award is given to bloggers who inspire others to create.
Check it out: http://artfortheheart.blogspot.com/2008/07/arte-y-pico-blog-award.html

So, here is a selection of the types of things I write about besides the presentation of new artworks:

Interested? Subscribe online at: http://artbyborsheim.blogspot.com

[figure drawing]

Thank you for reading and by all means, forward this newsletter on to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Pace (peace),
Kelly Borsheim
23 July 2008

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