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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 26 October 2008

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  2. Infinity Bronze
  3. Images of Italy and Rudy's Teeth
  4. Against the Dying of the Light
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[new figure art]

"Eva" (drawing from live model)
23" x 6"
Sketch in Liquid Pencil

Dear Art Lover,
I currently have two exhibits of my sculpture going on that I would like to share with you, if you happen to be in Texas in the next couple of months.

The Austin Visual Arts Association contacted me here in Italy when they realized that I had a body of work that was non-nude. They had one space available for their sculpture exhibit inside the Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) and asked me to enter a bronze. The exhibit is in the upper terminal between Gates 7-12 and is on display now through 13 January 2009. Contact information is given at the exhibit if you would like to purchase a sculpture.

The other exhibit in which I have three sculptures -- stone and bronze - on exhibit is also in Austin at The Crossings, a beautiful spa and resort in the Texas Hill Country. All of the artworks that I submitted to the jury were accepted in this exhibit that features about 120 artworks of over 40 artists connected with the Texas Society of Sculptors.

The Crossings' exhibit runs through 14 December, with an awards dinner on Saturday 22 November (perhaps a potluck?) which I believe is open to all and like the exhibit, free to attend.

For information on this and other exhibits of my work, please visit:

Infinity Bronze -- Wall Hanging Art

I met Austinite Jim Walker via the Internet while I was in Italy last year. He contacted me and explained that he was anticipating his eighth wedding anniversary, the year to give the gift of bronze and was looking to commission a piece from just the right artist. After sending a few e-mails back and forth, Jim sent me the link for another artist's site that we both admire, but whose work is very different from mine. Not wanting any miscommunications about what I would create for him, I asked him if I was the right artist for this project. Jim responded,

"I've spent a good deal of time trying to find a bronze artist I like, even talked to the folks at Umlauf [Sculpture Museum & Garden], a couple of blacksmith friends, etc. and browsed your online gallery quite a bit. I am drawn to your work completely independently! Our dialogue has only reinforced my comfort with you."

And thus, our collaboration began.

If you would like to see what came of this project, click here:

The available bronze from this edition is also currently on exhibit at The Crossings (see above).

Images of Italy and Rudy's Teeth

Since 1992, I have mentored a young man named Rudy. Rudy has Treacher Collins' Syndrome, a disfiguring facial-cranial birth defect. He is 28 years old now and has had more surgeries during the course of his life than anyone I have ever met. For three years, Rudy has had no teeth. The doctors removed them in part so that they could try to extend his jaw. Now, Medicare says they will not pay for teeth, because teeth are considered cosmetic. Although Rudy's mother found a doctor willing to donate his time to implant the rods that will hold the teeth, Rudy needs $13,000 to pay for the rest.

For more information about Treacher Collins' Syndrome and Rudy's case, click on this link:

Since my Images of Italy series has been very popular, I decided to start a fund-raiser to help my friend Rudy. I currently have 14 of my photographic images made into giclées on canvas. If you see others you like, I can add them to this project.

I received my first order about the time that I was boarding a plane to Chicago and later Italy. Beverly H. O'Hara of Lakeway, Texas, wrote me later:

"Hi Kelly -- I did receive my prints and they are beautiful. When Terry [Wilemon] told me about Rudy I knew I had to do something to help and to get such beautiful art in the process was a bonus. I especially love the masks -- they are really striking."

With the holidays around the corner, I would love to help you with your gift giving and home decorating, while you help Rudy get to enjoy chewing healthy foods.

To order and read more, visit:


[Treacher Collins Syndrome art]

Against the Dying of the Light

Thanks to a collector in south Texas, "Against the Dying of the Light" is now a bronze. This self-portrait sculpture has gotten so many great responses from people who have only seen photographs of him that I hope to get him into the public eye at some point. To celebrate, I am extending the introductory price of only $6600. Take advantage of my layaway plan, if you like (1/3 down, you set your monthly payment amounts and the due date, no finance charges). This introductory offer ends 31 December 2008. After this date, the price must go up to $7,800.

To preview this bronze sculpture, visit:

Blog Highlights:

I have mostly been writing on my blog about my experiences as a 'madonnara' (street painter) in Florence, Italy. Sometimes you can also glimpse some of the energy in the Renaissance City, such as when I wrote about and photographed the parade that passed right beside my art. Enjoy:

Street Painting: Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, The Libyan Sibyl

William Bouguereau's "Le Ravissement de Psyche" (1895)

Parade and another Sibyl from the Cappella Sistina

Carlo Dolci's Blue Madonna (more layers)

Also, new artworks, such as this drawing of Eva

And a story about my adventures in moving across town in Florence, Italy

Or visiting Milano, Italy:
Milano Sights
Inside Milano's Duomo/Cathedral
The Decay of Bronze Doors

Rudy's Fundraiser:
http://artbyborsheim.blogspot.com/2008/09/savings-account.html" TARGET="_blank">
http://www.borsheimarts.com/treachercollins.htm" TARGET="_blank">

Thank you for reading and by all means, forward this newsletter on to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Happy Halloween! (my favorite holiday)

Pace (peace),
Kelly Borsheim
26 October 2008

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