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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 4 August 2009

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  2. Events - Indy
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  4. The Offering (WIP)
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[marble carving]

2002 Kelly Begins Work
on marble sculpture

Dear Art Lover,
[drawing copy of Paul Pierre Prud'hon]
Well, I left "Bella Italia" for the lovely drought weather in central Texas. Trying to be funny somehow does not make the rain come. However, I am enjoying carving stone again. Keep reading and I will show you how to see the progress on my latest artwork. Also, I brought back many of my favorite new drawings and would love to show them to you. Just ask or come on by the studio.

In the transition from Florence, Italy, to Austin, Texas, I have not been very productive art-wise. However, I did complete a copy of a drawing by Paul Pierre Prud'hon that I have admired. The title for Mr. Prud'hon's original drawing is "Male Study for an Allegory of the Rhine River" and depicts a nude man seated on an overturned vase. He appears to be engaged in some task when he suddenly turns slightly towards the viewer. It is a lovely drawing and a real pleasure to copy.

I used the Italian Umbria paper for my charcoal and white chalk drawing. The Umbria paper is a warm, crème-y color. The drawing measures approximately 16" x 13" and has had fixative applied to protect the drawing. He is available for a low summer offering and if you are interested in him, you may find out more information and also purchase safely online via PayPal by clicking on this link:


To see more drawings, please visit: www.borsheimarts.com/charcoaldrawings.htm
or go to Indianapolis . . .

Events - Indy

[Gemini bronze sculpture]
A lot of my friends are vacationing closer to home and discovering all kinds of treasures previously unseen. Don Elliott at the Franklin Barry Gallery in Indianapolis has been exhibiting my work ever since we met in New York City many years ago, so I now know about a cool event in his city.

The Fringe Art Exhibition reception is Friday, Aug. 7, from 5 to 9 p.m. at the gallery on the hip Massachusetts Avenue. The Fringe Festival itself is August 22-30, when the 270 performances begin by over 50 performers and the street is filled with roving entertainment.

For more information, check out www.IndyFringe.org

The Fall Gallery Walk on Massachusetts Avenue in Indy will be Friday, September 4th, from 5 to 9 p.m. and the Franklin Barry Gallery will feature the artwork of Indiana Artist Justin Vining.

Don and I are trying to figure out if we can showcase some of my new work at his gallery either for the Gallery Walk on Friday October 2nd or on Friday November 6th. If you have a preference on one of those dates, send Don or me an e-mail to tell us. The sooner the better!

Contact Don via his Web site: www.franklinbarrygallery.com

Book on Art Modeling

Art modeling is the kind of job that most people never think about existing, and yet a model's work is indispensable to figurative artists. Art models often work alone and thus there is little opportunity for on-the-job training with another model. Being a figurative artist, I often receive inquiries from models and would-be models about how to find jobs with artists and what to expect from such work. Over a decade ago, I created a Web page to try to answer some of the questions I most often receive.

Well, model Andrew Cahner also saw a great need to elevate the profession of artist model with information. And he recently published a book to teach and advise fine art models and those who hire them. The book is called "The Art Model's Handbook: The Naked Truth about Posing for Art Classes and Fine Artists." I am still reading my copy of the book, but already I have learned something. For example, I never realized that in some situations, models are expected to mark their own positions on the model stand before their first break. In my experiences, the host artist or teacher uses masking tape to mark the pose.

Andrew has also honored me by featuring some of my words and an image of one of my sculptures in his book. After creating a basic figure in clay from an idea in my head, I had then hired three different male models to add specific details and the energy that I wanted in my bronze and stone sculpture "Against the Dying of the Light."

"The Art Model's Handbook" should be available in every library of every art organization, art school, and anywhere else that models and artists may seek out information about figurative art. You may buy this book via my Web site or by clicking on the link on this page . . .

Basic Art Modeling Information from my site: www.borsheimarts.com/modeling.htm

Questions and Answers from my site: www.borsheimarts.com/modeling2.htm

My Artist Resources Page: www.borsheimarts.com/artists.htm

"The Offering" (WIP = work-in-progress)

Off and on over the past eight years, I have been working on a stone carving inspired by the word "vulnerability." I am still not finished, but I will share this sculpture with you in the next newsletter.

However, if you would like a sneak peak at the marble before and during some of the carving process, you can look up "Kelly Borsheim, sculptor" on Facebook and become a Fan. Then you may see images in the photo album online right now. Click on this link:

Become an Art Fan on Facebook

I am also trying Twitter . . .

[sculpture layaway]
"Against The Dying Of The Light"
Bronze with Limestone
56 x 14 x 13 inches
sculpture by Kelly Borsheim

Sage Advice

While I may be biased, I cannot help but wonder if this time is the best time to be buying original art. While expenses have gone up for everyone, most artists, like myself, are not raising the prices for our original artworks. Quality takes time and I work to make each drawing, painting, and sculpture the very best quality that I can. Art is my passion and my livelihood. In my studio, I have hand-written my motto, taken from the film "Gattica." The note says, "I never saved anything for the swim back."

To help you get your choice of the best of my work, for years I have been offering a fee-free layaway plan. YOU set the monthly payment that fits your budget and YOU choose the day in which you wish to write the check or use PayPal online to be able to safely buy the art you want the way you want it.

But do not just listen to me. Art collector Larry Sage has this to share with you:

"Kelly's layaway plan truly is a wonderful way to acquire art. I think most people think that they cannot afford to invest in a piece of original art because the price gives them shock. But being able to pay a little at a time makes the acquisition simple and easy and then time passes very quickly until you have the piece in your home. The transit of my new artwork went fine and I did find a wonderful place in my home to display 'Against the Dying of the Light.' Thank you!"

Larry Sage
Harlingen, Texas, USA

For more information about the Layaway Plan as well as art pricing, visit: www.borsheimarts.com/pricelist.htm

There is a great article about the culture in America by Jordan Levin of "The Miami Herald." Here is an excerpt:

"I know, with jobs and homes and dreams of better lives being lost by the millions, art and culture seem like a luxury. But I would argue that they're an essential aspect of being happy and civilized. More, I would argue that thinking culture is a frill, a disposable ornament for a comfortable life, has helped get us into the mess we're in.

Take the ethical failure that led to the financial crisis, the development of a criminally selfish system where the only thing that mattered (and still matters) is how much money is made, regardless of common sense or fairness or actual value produced for anyone but a few executives at the top. You could attribute the cancerous growth of that kind of thinking, at least in part, to the disappearance of the arts from our educational system and the downgrading of culture to consumer pop culture.

After all, the arts teach us morality, humanity, the range of identity, the importance of beauty and ideas and qualities you can't quantify, the values we hold in common. Unlike American Idol, they teach us that there are qualities that matter more than fame. They teach us all this through miraculously pleasurable experiences that at their best are akin to spiritual revelation, and that even in their lesser occurrences are a source of delight and understanding. Why does that constantly have to be defended as worthwhile? How can you love music without appreciating that beauty and form matter? How can you be moved by the novels of Junot Diaz or Charles Dickens and not absorb a sense of morality and fairness?"

Here is the full article:
"Why the arts matter and deserve support -- especially in bleak times" by Jordan Levin

[business lips sculpture]
"Lips with Tie"
Pecos Sandstone with Limestone
sculpture by Kelly Borsheim
[business lips sculpture]
"L'Inverno" (Winter)
Pastel and Charcoal Drawing 46 cm x 64 cm
original drawing on Roma paper by Kelly Borsheim

Recent Blog Topics:

I did not know if I would enjoy blogging or not, but it seems to be a natural extension to the journal writing I have done since I was a child. It is also a way for me to share some of the many images that I take with my photography hobby with you. Come travel with me.

I hope you enjoy the latest highlights, including my trip to Austria . . .

[marble figure sculpture]
Sculptures in Salzburg, Austria
photo by Kelly Borsheim

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Thank you for reading and by all means, forward this newsletter on to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Pace (peace),
Kelly Borsheim
4 August 2009

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