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Borsheim Art Newsletter:

by Kelly Borsheim copyright 8 August 2010

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[Florence Italy]

Borgo Albizi,
Florence, Italy
Image by Kelly Borsheim

Dear Art Lover,

Fine artists really appreciate the models that they collaborate with to make art. But it is not all that common to have a model honored with an exhibit exclusively of artwork inspired by him. So, I was proud to be able to participate in an exhibit showing off the hard work of one of my favorite models, Dave Larson. Possibly one of the most drawn models over the last 30 years or so in Austin, Texas, Dave is a runner who pushes himself in every way. He even came back to modeling (and running) after a horrible injury in which his whole leg turned black and he almost died.

So, I hope that you will attend this next exhibit for Dave. Opening night is this Tuesday and is hosted by the Austin Visual Arts Association (AVAA).

"DAVE" AVAA's COLLABORATION Exhibit is a multi-media mural of artworks by Austin artists of popular model Dave Larson - the most painted man in Austin, Texas.

Dougherty Arts Center - Julia C. Butridge Gallery
1110 Barton Springs Road, Austin, Texas, USA
Exhibit runs 3-29 August 2010

Art Reception: Tuesday, August 10 (6-8 p.m.)
If you have any questions, please email Kelli Montgomery at AVAA: kelli@avaaonline.org

[Dave figure art]

Why Go to Italy?

I am surprised how often I hear this question: Why are you going to Italy? Generally it is followed with some well-intended logic having to do with practicalities of a normally conceived life. The answer is not simply a "Why not go?" Instead, I want to show you just some of the reasons I cannot help but return to Florence, Italy, again and again and again.

There is just simply too much art here - and more importantly, people LIVING with art on a daily basis. It is a mental boost, a joy, a comfort, a curiosity for this American. So, while I share with you four new Italy-inspired pastel paintings, I am also including here some of the lesser-publicized beauties that can be found around central Florence. I took all of these images while rambling down various streets. All are free to see, if you take the time to look around. It is almost all about the art, baby.

New Italian-Inspired Pastel Paintings

[Pastel Painting Palazzo Vecchio - Florence, Italy]
"Palazzo Vecchio - Firenze, Italia" pastel on Firenze-brand black paper, 46 x 64 cm by Kelly Borsheim

[pastel art - Florence, Italy]
"La Pausa" ("Breaktime") pastel on Firenze-brand black paper, 64 x 46 cm by Kelly Borsheim
[museum bardini - Florence, Italy]
"Pensive in Bologna" pastel on Wallis-brand Professional Paper, 23 x 17 inches by Kelly Borsheim

[Pastel Painting art Italy]
"Songbird" pastel on Firenze-brand black paper, 11 x 17 inches by Kelly Borsheim

Art as Seen from the Streets of Florence, Italy

[Florence Italy art] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

[art in Florence Italy] [art in Florence Italy]

Recent Blog Topics:

Thank you for the kind feedback on my blog. This is a way that I am able to share more of my daily excursions into the Renaissance City and share my artistic life with you. I appreciate and value your time. Thanks so much for being a part of this journey.

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Thank you for reading and by all means, forward this newsletter to anyone you think would enjoy it. All of the events mentioned here are open to the public. I hope to see you in Florence, Italy or in central Texas!

Pace (peace),
Kelly Borsheim
8 August 2010

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