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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 12 Decembre 2012 (12-12-12)

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[Olive Harvest, Tuscany, Italy]

Kelly picking olives, Tuscany, Italy
Photo by Marco, grandson of Renato, owner of the trees

Dear Art Lover,

I had never heard of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571 - 1610) before coming to Italy and, for the first time, attending art history lectures. Although I was unsuccessful in my attempt to see some of Caravaggio's original paintings in a huge exhibit in Roma a couple of years ago, I did get down to that city recently and saw a couple. But also, here in Firenze, Italia, we have the Palazzo Pitti with its family of museums. It was inside the Pitti that I became a fan of Caravaggio's "Sleeping Cupid", painted in 1608.

I have been working with the theme of light emerging from darkness for a while now. It never ceases to make me feel something strong and intimate. Caravaggio's "Sleeping Cupid" is one of his most monochromatic works (another quality I enjoy) and I have always been struck by the way he portrayed the wings, especially the one on the top.

[Caravaggio Italian painter of Sleeping Cupid 1608]

I would like to introduce to you my recently finished pastel painting titled "Sleeping Angel." I miss working with the male figure after having started a scenic series based on my trip to Morocco earlier this year and otherwise working with primarily female models lately. This was an opportunity for me to return again to more figure work. That said, I really feel that the subject of this artwork is the busy, but almost butterfly-like pattern in the sheets surrounding the male form.

[Caravaggio inspired Sleeping Angel - male figure asleep]

I admit that I experimented here more than is normally apparent to anyone outside of my head. I wanted to play with how much or little I controlled the tightness and smoothness of the pastel on the Uart Sanded Pastel Paper that I mounted on a piece of foam core. At least I think that this is Uart. I began this work over two years ago and it is one of many pastels that I brought to Italy with me with the intentions of finishing the work.

But back to the composition: I include a close-up shot to help you see the difference in strokes and textures that I created. I wanted the male angel's skin to appear soft, perhaps even a bit velvety, and certainly touchable. He has a warm glow in his skin from an overall yellow field color. The pattern in the sheets is jiggy jagged with fairly high contrast to show off the extreme side lighting. I left part of the brown paper showing through in places just for fun.

[Caravaggio inspired Sleeping Angel - male figure asleep] [Caravaggio inspired Sleeping Angel - male figure asleep]

[Caravaggio inspired Sleeping Angel - sheets]

The dimensions for the pastel "Sleeping Angel" are 18 x 24 inches. That prices him at $1950 and he would ship flat since the artwork is mounted to foam core. Please contact me directly or any of my galleries, from the Franklin Barry in Indianapolis to Gallery XO in southeast Florida to The Crucible in Norman, Oklahoma. For more information on these honorable people, please visit my gallery page:

Stocking Stuffer - Book about Street Painting in Italy:

[Street Painting Art Book Florence Italy]

I always loved having my stocking stuffed! When I was a child, my three brothers and I were told that we could wake when we wanted and were allowed to take our stockings off the mantle and see what was inside, enjoying their delights. But we were not allowed to wake our mother until 8 a.m. nor were we allowed to open any presents that were not inside our stockings. We each emptied our stockings at our specific place at the dining room table, trying desperately to be quiet enough not to wake our mother, but dying of curiosity and pure awe after viewing the spectacle of dreams and mysteries under the tree. The seeing, but waiting was sweet agony! Our squelched excitement for what seemed like two full hours is one of my absolutely favorite memories of Christmas morning! [You may well imagine the release of joy experienced at 8 a.m. as we ran in unison into our mother's bedroom, jumping onto her bed to wake her up with smiles, kisses, and giggles.]

So, for me there has always been a kind of magic for a silent hour or two of "stolen" time for oneself. Forbidden (literally or imagined) to disturb others while enjoying a rare treat is fun precisely because it does not happen often. The effort is always rewarded.

We each have our personal pleasures. I often enjoy reading, when I can find some time in which I am not falling asleep. Maybe that was why I wrote a book that is mostly images, captions, and short stories. If you enjoy seeing masterpieces from art history recreated in a contemporary street painting, learning more about the performing artists and street life in Florence, Italy, or just want to get away from your normal routine (or know someone who does), perhaps you would enjoy buying my book for you or a friend. It is called "My Life as a Street Painter in Florence, Italy" and that catchy title covers four years of my time here doing that work with a group of artists from around the globe. You may see some of the pages inside on Amazon.com. The book is available on Amazon sites in several countries or from me here in Florence, Italy.

If interested in having a look, see the column on the right side, under the moon at:

And thank you for your support and interest!

Recent Blog Topics:

Thank you for sharing my journey with me. I postponed the article and images on the Guggenheim because I wanted to get some good winter holiday wishes sent your way and I need the time. Besides, January is my anniversary issue (for taking the plunge into full-time art!) So, enjoy all the winter and year transitional festivities! And by all means, please forward this newsletter to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Pace (peace),
Kelly Borsheim
12 Decembre 2012

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Thank you for your interest and support in the book I wrote this past summer about being a street artist in Italy. I was thrilled to receive such glowing feedback about how I had shared not only the art and the artists, but also something of the political environment regarding street art, interaction with the public and other street performers (my favorite chapter is the one in which I have invited children to join me on the pavement), as well as images of the Renaissance City herself.

The book is titled "My Life as a Street Painter in Florence, Italy." If you have read the book and would like to help in the promotion of it, perhaps you would consider writing up a short review for Amazon.com (or even send me a testimonial for my own site). Your review does not have to be fancy. The intention is to help other people get a better idea about what is inside and whether or not they may enjoy the read.

Just click here. Scroll down to the section on Customer Reviews. Click on the button to the right that says, "Create your own review" Sign in and follow their guide.

If you have not gotten your copy of the book, you may order directly from my site:

or from Amazon.com:

I have about 20 copies here with me in Italy, so if you are also here, just write me and we will organize the restů

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