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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 11 January 2015

  1. New Works: Pastel Drawings
  2. Future Travel Plans
  3. Help an Artist Run a School in Ghana
  4. Blog Highlights: Umag, Croatia
  5. Subscription Info.

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[Harbor of Umag, Croatia]

My first day - Umag, Croatia
Photos by Kelly Borsheim Dec 2014

Dear Art Lover,

Fifteen years ago I became a full-time artist. I sold the beeswax part of my business Lumina Candles & Art and became Borsheim Arts Studio. So, I want to celebrate by offering FREE worldwide shipping of any available artwork that I have created. Offer ends 31 January. This offer is good even if the work is in one of my galleries. The only exception would really be a delay: any of my available pieces that I left in my place in Florence, Italy, may have to wait for my return there in late March to be shipped. However, you must order by Jan 31 to receive this special offer.

In addition, I would like your help please. I would like to know WHY you subscribe to this newsletter. How does it enrich your life? Is there a way that you can enjoy something more of what I have to share? Basically, I want to know what is interesting or important to you so that I can find a way to offer more of that. Thank you. If you like, you may send your feedback to me even anonymously by filling out the form on my contact page. (If you prefer to remain anonymous, just enter "anon@borsheimarts.com" as the required e-mail address.) Thank you so much! This information will help me in my return to the US this year.

Many people have asked me if I am ever going to decide what sort of art I want to make. I suppose that is a valid question since some people think that my work is "all over the map." However, in my mind it has always been about process and growth. For example, I sculpted, drew, and painted figures of live models in Open Studios or privately for years and years.

But I began to want to put them into environments. Only, I had very little experience with landscapes and real design. And while I still adore [and will continue to create] monochromatic images in which touch seems more important than vision, I wanted to know that I could have color in my toolbox when I wanted it. Pastels have helped me overcome some of my fears because it is difficult to be subtle with such strong colors! Oils, I hope, will help me refine the "wild explorations" that pastel launched me into trying.

While I am living in Croatia these 90 days outside of Schengen Territory, I have brought pastels and paper, as well as two computers. I have some sketches to share with you today. I will continue to make more of these small drawings in pastel and some charcoals, with each image again teaching me something that will help me with the compositions in oil that I left unfinished in Firenze.

It is clear to me that I want to focus more intently on the figure, especially the male forms. And I need to find a home so that I can start stone carving on a regular basis again. I hope that you will stick around and share in the adventure!

P.S. All of these drawings are available, unless noted otherwise.

[Man naps on Italian architecture pastel painting]
Hard Day's Work
Paper Size = 25 x 36 cm [Drawing is smaller]
pastels on paper [working with architecture]
copyright 2009-2014 Kelly Borsheim

[still life composition Kale tomato garlic pastel painting]
Kale Composition
Paper Size = 25 x 36 cm [Drawing is smaller]
pastels on paper [really playing with color]
copyright 2015 Kelly Borsheim

[Back of Boboli Firenze landscape pastel painting]
"Back of Boboli I" Firenze, Italia
Paper Size = 25 x 36 cm [Drawing is smaller]
pastels on paper
copyright 2011-2014 Kelly Borsheim

I was always struck by the white light on the trees and the
surrounding colorful darks.

[Back of Boboli Firenze landscape pastel painting]
"Back of Boboli II" Firenze, Italia
Paper Size = 25 x 36 cm [Drawing is smaller]
pastels on paper
copyright 2011-2014 Kelly Borsheim

Worked with two designs to see what communicated the idea best.
I may explore this idea further after it sits in my brain a bit.

[Autumn Leaves San Mineato Italy pastel painting]
Autumn Leaves
Paper Size = 36 x 25 cm [Drawing is smaller]
pastels on paper
copyright 2007-2014 Kelly Borsheim
These colors are really pretty! Too much? I do not know.
But the image makes me feel happy.

[copy of John Singer Sargent painting of woman with onions]
After JS Sargent
Paper Size = 36 x 25 cm [Drawing is smaller]
pastels on paper
copyright 2014 Kelly Borsheim
I actually created this copy before I did the Autumn Leaves
This was a fantastic bunch of lessons and I love this!

[London Cemetery pastel drawing on black paper]
London Cemetery
20 x 28 cm
pastels on black paper
copyright 2011-2015 Kelly Borsheim
I actually started piece while in London in 2011.

[pastel drawing on black paper of night scene in London]
One London Evening
20 x 28 cm
pastels on black paper
copyright 2011-2015 Kelly Borsheim
It feels good returning to finish favorite projects.


Please contact me if you would like pricing information for your own collection or to buy as a gift. Also, please visit one of the galleries that carry my artworks. You may find those here:

Future Travel Plans

Sometime between June and September, I will be returning to the US. These dates may vary a bit as I receive more information. I have a lot to accomplish and would like to visit as many friends as I can, as well as getting much work done.

I hope to visit, Florida, North Carolina, Indianapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, Chicago, Norman, Oklahoma, and central Texas. I would enjoy doing some exhibits, even a home show or two. I know that a lot of people would like to see me exhibit some work closer to their home area [or model for art making] and if this is you, please write to me and let me know your ideas about where I may be able to do this. I will be spending the majority of my time near Austin, Texas, though, so that I may carve some stone that I left there years ago.

[Still Life with Radishes Barrel and Dead Leaves]
Still Life with Radishes
Oil on Canvas
Cannot remember size (it is in Italy still), but maybe 20 x 40 cm
copyright 2014 Kelly Borsheim

[MoldMaking of Sculpture in Ghana, Africa]
Mold-Making in Ghana, Africa
via Facebook Page
of Emmanuel Asare Budu

Help an Artist Run a School in Ghana

About a decade ago, I failed miserably to help a young man in Ghana. He wanted to learn how to carve stone so that he could teach others in his community this expressive skill. At the time I was teaching a stone carving workshop and I offered the young Emmanuel a full scholarship to the workshop with my mentor Vasily Fedorouk at my home in central Texas. I also offered him room and board. I wrote the letters he needed for the Consulate. I also wrote to Oprah. I thought she helped a lot of people and education is a worthy cause because it is the gift that keeps on giving. [I never received a response from her.] In the end, he was unable to come to the US to learn.

He still waits for any supplies and assistance.. . . More recently he wrote me again, still working towards the same dream.

[Emmanuel Asare Budu, taken from Facebook] From Emmanuele:
"Thank you very much for your offer, The tools I needed for my art school are clay modeling tools, mold-making materials like Vina mold, gel flex, silicone RTV, wood carving tools, stone carving tools, etc. - and I also need financial support to help build my classrooms. This is my web site: http://www.nabeak.webs.com
God Bless you all as you give generously."

If you would like to help, you may here:
Emmanuel Asare Budu and Contact Mobile Phone: (00233) 200120900, P.O.Box 131, Bechem, Brong Ahafo Region-Bechem, Brong-Ahafo, Ghana

And another step in the storia: http://artbyborsheim.blogspot.com/2011/01/ghana-weaving.html

Recent Blog Topics:

The law is the law. My permit to stay in a Schengen Territory (i.e., most of Europe) expired in December. I was not quite ready to leave, so the best I could come up with was an "escape" to Croatia, not yet a part of Schengen. Also, in Istria (the northwest part of Croatia), many people speak Italian. That is how we mostly communicate. These blog entries cover my transition to a new country:

You may follow a variety of art topics on my blog, mostly travel and art:
(This is a different subscription list than the one for this art newsletter.)


This will be a year of traveling and a lot of activity. I would love to share the fun with you, so let me know where you will be in 2015, please.

I hope that you are also taking advantage of good times with long-time and new friends.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for sharing this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. And certainly, thank you for supporting my work by adding some of it to your collection.

Kelly Borsheim
11 January 2015

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[Fountain Detail Triton Trieste Italy]

[New Year's Eve in sea town Umag, Croatia]

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Thank you for your interest and support in the book I wrote this past summer about being a street artist in Italy. I was thrilled to receive such glowing feedback about how I had shared not only the art and the artists, but also something of the political environment regarding street art, interaction with the public and other street performers (my favorite chapter is the one in which I have invited children to join me on the pavement), as well as images of the Renaissance City herself.

The book is titled "My Life as a Street Painter in Florence, Italy." If you have read the book and would like to help in the promotion of it, perhaps you would consider writing up a short review for Amazon.com (or even send me a testimonial for my own site). Your review does not have to be fancy. The intention is to help other people get a better idea about what is inside and whether or not they may enjoy the read.

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I have about 20 copies here with me in Italy, so if you are also here, just write me and we will organize the restů

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