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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 7 February 2015

  1. New Work: Tasmania in the Clouds - Landscape Painting
  2. Tasmania: More Images
  3. Future Travel Plans: Models Wanted
  4. Blog Highlights: Portrait Painting Process
  5. Subscription Info.

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[Tasmania, Cradle Mountain National Park]

Tasmania - Cradle Mountain National Park
Photos by Kelly Borsheim June 2014

Dear Art Lover,

I only knew of Tasmania because of the cartoon and I had nicknamed my paternal grandfather the "Tasmanian Devil." He was a lot of fun. I used to think that Tasmania was a make-believe place. Now I know it is a fantastical, but real, place!

If you enjoy paintings of trees, mist, or landscapes, I hope you find this next painting beautiful. While in Australia last year, I saw so many jiggy-jaggy shapes and trees with personalities that I kept thinking that THIS was where children's book author Dr. Seuss gained his inspiration. In fact, my Ozzie friends kept suggesting that I make a book of visuals that described the way I saw things there. Maybe someday . . . it may be a reason to go back. I have lots of those!

You may see the finished painting [shown right] with images of the work-in-progress here:

Tasmania in the Clouds
80 x 100 cm [about 31.4 x 39.4 inches]
Oil Painting on Canvas
© 2014-2015 Kelly Borsheim
Available - $3,800

[Tasmania landscape painting with misty fog clouds]
Tasmania in the Clouds
80 x 100 cm [about 31.4 x 39.4 inches]
Oil Painting on Canvas
copyright 2014-2015 Kelly Borsheim

Tasmania: More Images

I was not as interested to see the cities of Tasmania. I wanted trees, mountains, fields, critters, and skies. I wanted the clean and rich smells of the air in the woods. I wanted to drink clean water. After my time in Sarina, Australia (Queensland), I was spoiled for drinking gorgeous-tasting water!

My friend Amber Jayne Stirling, a painter and an Australian, met me in the Sydney airport and we flew down together to Hobart, Tasmania. We visited her friends there and then took off on a rented camper. I was lucky that Amber drove. Being American, I am used to driving on the right side of the road. I doubt that being Down Under would have made opposite-side driving easier for me. All images are taken by me, unless I am in them, or I tell you.

[Tasmania Australia]
Daytrip to Tahune Air Walk Forest, Tasmania

[mushrooms Tasmania Australia]
Lots of tiny mushrooms were everywhere in the woods, Tasmania

[tree with face Tasmania Australia]
Tree with an Easter-Island face, Tasmania

[Tasmania Australia chickens]
Lovely chickens crossing the road...why?

[lake Tasmania Australia]
Lovely road side view, Tasmania

[fog and sheep in farming Tasmania Australia]
Fog and critters, mmm, beautiful farming Tasmania

[Vitruvian man fallen large tree Tasmania Australia]
Not exactly the Vetruvian Man ... in Tasmania; photo by Amber Jayne Stirling

[Eucalyptus Tree Gum Tree Tasmania Australia]
Eucalyptus Trees everywhere, Tasmania

[waterfall Tasmania Australia]

[hiking waterfall Mt Field National Park Tasmania Australia]
Left: Amber and Kelly with waterfall in Mt. Field National Park, Tasmania
photo by passing hiker
Above: Different waterfall, same park

[green tree bark Tasmania Australia]
Yes, the tree bark was this mossy green! So tactilely delicious! Tasmania
Left: Streetttccccccccchhhhhhhhhh. Photo by A.J. Stirling

[Human bridge between trees Tasmania Australia]

[rare fungus Tasmania Australia]
Exotic plant life in Mt. Fields, Tasmania

[tree huggers Tasmania Australia]
Tree huggers Kelly and Amber, Tasmania; photo by passing hiker

[skies and clouds Tasmania Australia]
Skies and Clouds, Tasmania

[skies and clouds Tasmania Australia]
trees contrast beautifully with clouds and sky, Tasmania

[open road and clouds Tasmania Australia]
More sky shots on the open road, Tasmania

[clouds look like mountains Tasmania Australia]
Clouds sometimes look like distant mountains or hills, Tasmania

[weird camping park Tasmania Australia]
Navigator (me) missed a turnoff which led us down a dirt road and darkness, Tasmania

[starry night Tasmania Australia]
so we stayed the night in a weird campground, but what a starry clear night!

[Tasmania Australia]
This island seems to have everything! Tasmania

[Tasmania Australia]
It was sad that I wanted quality time over quantity [and away from better-known spots],
but had to settle too often for windshield snapshots.

[Dove Lake Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania Australia]
Cradle Mountain National Park, Dove Lake Walk, Tasmania

[Dove Lake Cradle Mountain Tasmania Australia]
Cradle Mountain National Park, Dove Lake Walk, Tasmania

[Plant life Tasmania Australia]
Cradle Mountain Park Plant Life, Tasmania

[Eucalyptus tree Cradle Mountain park Tasmania Australia]
Eucalyptus Tree having a wee bit of fun in Tasmania

[Wombat sighting Tasmania Australia]
Wombat sighting Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania

[Wombat poop square poo Tasmania Australia]
Wombat square poo sculpture, Tasmania
This is a particular quality of critters here. Wombats mark their territory with square poo.
This pile seemed especially artful and intentional, so I am calling it modern art.

[Rich plant life Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania Australia]
I loved the variety of plants in Tasmania.

[triangle shadows from trees over rich plant life Tasmania Australia]
Triangle shadows, Tasmania

[artist in Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania Australia]
Yours truly in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania
Photo by Amber Jayne Stirling June 2014

[dotted tree bark Tasmania Australia]
Interesting tree bark, Tasmania

[Eucalyptus Trees Tasmania Australia]
More Eucalyptus trees, Tasmania

[Cradle Mountain National Park Tasmania Australia]
Polverina Amber, usually way ahead of me, Tasmania

[Tasmanian Devils Australia]
Had to see the Devils in the Sanctuary, Tasmania [here are two]

[Tasmanian Devil Australia]
Wow, petting a wild one and thinking my grandfather might have gotten
a kick out of this Tasmanian Devil. Photo by Amber after her turn to touch.

[Tasmanian Devil Open Mouth Australia]
Showing Teeth, Tasmanian Devil

[Feeding time Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary Australia]
Feeding time at the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary, Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania
I really like my composition of the light vs. dark shapes on this image.

[Tasmania Australia]
More critters in the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary

[Tasmania Australia]
. . . and a lake beach somewhere in Tasmania

[sheep butts farming Tasmania Australia]
No photo album of our time in Tasmania would be complete without seeing some sheep butts. Enjoy!

[harbour harbor in eastern Tasmania Australia]
Harbour on the lower east coast (and we missed the ferry to the nearby island), Tasmania

[traps on a boat Tasmania Australia]
Traps on a boat in eastern Tasmania

[Tasmania Australia]

What trip to Hobart, Tasmania, by two artists would not include a visit to the MONA (Museum of Old and New Art)?
Here is my self-portrait with Amber at the entrance on MONA.
Sadly, I had not done my research. This was not the museum that I had come to see.
There was some interesting stuff, but most of it was just amusement quality.
However, our trip was nearing an end and I must find the other one in the future.
I would love to return to Tasmania for a longer time and create more art.


Please contact me if you would like pricing information for your own collection or to buy as a gift. Also, please visit one of the galleries that carry my artworks. You may find those here:

Future Travel Plans: Models Wanted PLUS

Thank you for the surprising responses from my last newsletter. I was pleased to hear from several models from around the US who would enjoy creating some art with me. I want to work out anything I can, so if this interests you, please let me know and we will keep in touch as the summer nears.

I am also looking for exhibition spaces, which could include home shows, empty retail spaces, restaurants, empty homes for sale (let us create an event to advertise your home and bring people in to see), as well as any gallery or other exhibition opportunities.

Maybe you are part of a group that would enjoy hearing a lecture or interacting with an artist [workshop?]. I have given a talk about my days as a street painter in Florence, Italy. I could even turn that into a book signing event.

Sometime between June and September, I will be returning to the US. These dates may vary a bit as I receive more information. I have a lot to accomplish and would like to visit as many friends as I can, as well as getting much work done.

I hope to visit, Florida, North Carolina, Indianapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, Chicago, Norman, Oklahoma, and central Texas, possibly further west. Please write to me with your ideas, no matter how silly or outlandish you fear they may be. That is what brainstorming is all about! And who knows what will happen after that?

Thank you!

[Still Life with Radishes Barrel and Dead Leaves]
Still Life with Radishes
Oil on Canvas
Cannot remember size (it is in Italy still), but maybe 20 x 40 cm
copyright 2014 Kelly Borsheim

Recent Blog Topics:

I really hate the shyness handicap. It rears its awkward head during important moments. I cannot believe how shy I felt trying to pose this charming couple here in Croatia. But, I found a moment, and that was enough. These blog entries show something of how I started the portrait design for the oil painting "Taking Care" (the final portrait painting is shown earlier on this page):

You may follow a variety of art topics on my blog, mostly travel and art:
(This is a different subscription list than the one for this art newsletter.)

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This will be a year of traveling and a lot of activity. I would love to share the fun with you, so let me know where you will be in 2015, please.

I hope that you are also taking advantage of good times with long-time and new friends.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for sharing this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. And certainly, thank you for supporting my work by adding some of it to your collection.

Kelly Borsheim
7 February 2015

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[First sketches for portrait painting design]

Give a Book Review:

Thank you for your interest and support in the book I wrote this past summer about being a street artist in Italy. I was thrilled to receive such glowing feedback about how I had shared not only the art and the artists, but also something of the political environment regarding street art, interaction with the public and other street performers (my favorite chapter is the one in which I have invited children to join me on the pavement), as well as images of the Renaissance City herself.

The book is titled "My Life as a Street Painter in Florence, Italy." If you have read the book and would like to help in the promotion of it, perhaps you would consider writing up a short review for Amazon.com (or even send me a testimonial for my own site). Your review does not have to be fancy. The intention is to help other people get a better idea about what is inside and whether or not they may enjoy the read.

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I have about 20 copies here with me in Italy, so if you are also here, just write me and we will organize the rest…

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