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Borsheim Art Newsletter:

by Kelly Borsheim copyright 21 June 2016

  1. Happy Solstice - New Season
  2. Nitram Charcoal - FIRE 20% savings on all charcoal drawings
  3. Venice, Vernazza, and Manarola, Italy
  4. Blog Highlights: Lorenzo Bartolini
  5. Subscription Info.

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[Venezia Italy by the boat bus - economic travel]

Venice [Venezia] by boat bus, Italy

Dear Art Lover,

Happy Summer Solstice! I hope you enjoyed the full moon last night. Yesterday, my Italian landlord lit many fires in his terraced farmland to burn the cut weeds and such. I have been thinking recently of how different fire is perceived in the hills of Tuscany as compared to my former home in central Texas. While John in Texas also burned the excess flammables that he gathered from around our home, it was more difficult to find the conditions in which he could light the bonfire. While central Texas also suffers from flooding, the year I left my home in Texas, 2011, there were horrible wildfires not far away. Many of my friends lost their homes, mostly in Bastrop.

My landlord thinks that in Tuscany, too much water is more dangerous than too much fire. Perhaps here, yes, because in general there is more water than we have in central Texas. But I explained that Texans suffer "feast and famine" and Bastrop has pine trees, which light up so easily.

[intentional cleaning fires in Tuscan hills]
Some of the intentional cleaning fires set in the Tuscan hills, Italy
photo 20 June 2016 by Kelly Borsheim

Charcoal Drawings + Nitram Promo:

So, sadly, last night I received the news that the new Nitram Charcoal plant has burned to the ground. You might imagine the tinder around for such a disaster to really take hold.

Owner Jerzy Niedojadlo has been good to me and even features some of my charcoal drawings in his promo video for the company. You may remember his story I shared of his learning the specific art of making Nitram charcoal in France before the original family creators retired.

[Fire destroys Nitram Charcoal facility, Canada]
Early Sunday morning, around 3am on June 12, 2016, Canada

Naturally, I want to help out this art supply company that has so much passion for art and good materials. I will make a donation to help Nitram rebuild and will base it off of sales of my charcoal, pencil, and carbon pencil drawings.

To encourage these sales, I offer you a

20% SAVINGS on these works, good through June 30.

Just let me know which artwork(s) interest you and I will be happy to work out the payment details that fit your budget.

You may find these drawings mainly on the following pages. Some will be framed, a few not, but you may order as you like.

[Charcoal Drawing] [Pencil Drawing] [Charcoal Pastel Drawing] [Charcoal Live Model Drawing]

[Charcoal Model Life Drawing] [Charcoal Male Model Drawing]

And here is the link about the fire, with more images. The image I share here was lifted from Nitram's blog post:

Video Replay: Jerzy wrote to share with me a new video about Nitram that debuted at the CreativeWorld Trade Show in Frankfurt, Germany, last year. I feel honored and excited to have several of my own charcoal drawings included in this production. I hope you enjoy this showcase of charcoal art as presented on youtube.com:


https://youtu.be/ebyaniXdtrg The newsletter in which I shared Nitram's story and presented a new charcoal work-in-progress:

Venice, Vernazza, and Manarola, Italy

My brother Steve visited me here in Italy for the very first time. So, against my doctor's advice to rest my injured knee, Steve and I traveled around Italy as much as we could in the time that he had. While we are both now home again and I am back to work on my bronze sculpture commission [and trying to rest!], I thought you might enjoy seeing a few images of the start of our trip.

[Kelly and Steve in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy]
Kelly and Steve in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

Venezia (the untranslated name for Venice), Italia

[Venice Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Artist eyes Venezia Italia]

[Venice Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Artist eyes Venezia Italia]

[Serenade by Gondola Venice Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Artist eyes Venezia Italia]
My favorite part: A man on a gondola serenades a woman on the walkway. Lovely Italian singing with arm movements and charm.

[Venice Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Artist eyes nighttime in Venezia Italia]

Vernazza, Cinque Terre (Italian Riviera), Italia

[Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Artist eyes Cinque Terre Vernazza Italia]

[Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy by Kelly Borsheim]

[Vernazza Cinque Terre Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Fruit Apricot Tree Cinque Terre Vernazza Italia]

Manarola, Cinque Terre (Italian Riviera), Italia

[Manarola Cinque Terre Italy by Kelly Borsheim] [Artist eyes Cinque Terre Manarola Italia]

[Charcoal Drawing Nightwatch Woman]

charcoal with pastel / carboncino con pastelli
64 x 46 cm
© Kelly Borsheim

Layaway Plan – Did you know of it?

I recently discovered that a dear friend of mine and a collector (who would like more of my work) did not know about my Layaway Plan! I sell a lot of my art with this. It is all about what is best for you. YOU set the amount you wish to pay each month. YOU set the date of the payment. YOU receive NO finance charge. YOU receive the art once it is paid for at YOUR convenience. One-third will be retained as non-refundable deposit for holding the art; however, you may apply that amount towards any other available Borsheim artwork in the event you change your desires. Need any more details? Visit my pricelist page: http://www.borsheimarts.com/pricelist.htm#layaway

The pricelist is here:
Thank you so much for sharing the artistic adventures!

Buy and Enjoy Art Now

[Marble carving Angel sculpture sculptor Vasily Fedorouk]
Original Sculpture - Marble and Granite Angel

24 x 7 x 6 inches
© 2007 Vasily Fedorouk

Angel Sculpture by Vasily Fedorouk

Carving stone was artist Vasily Fedorouk's favorite means of making art. My friend and mentor could carve practically anything. While he knew technique, most of our discussions dealt with design. In the last few years before his death, he spoke to me most often about the cleanliness of a line. "Find one beautiful line and work all other shapes to reinforce that line," he said while we worked side by side teaching a stone carving workshop at my former home in central Texas.

I hope you enjoy this design Vasily created of an angel in marble. She is 24 x 7 x 6 inches, marble on a granite base.

See more of his art online at: http://vasilyfedorouk.com
There are a limited number of available works, but please inquire.

Recent Blog Topics: Lorenzo Bartolini

You may follow a variety of art topics on my blog, mostly travel and art:
(This is a different subscription list than the one for this art newsletter.)

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[August Art Auction]

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for sharing this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. Thank you. Please let me know if you would like to commission an artwork.

Kelly Borsheim
21 June 2016

[Kristen painting from live model]

27 x 15 inches (and framed); great price!
oil on canvas painted from live model
by Kelly Borsheim

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Thank you for your interest and support in the book I wrote this past summer about being a street artist in Italy. I was thrilled to receive such glowing feedback about how I had shared not only the art and the artists, but also something of the political environment regarding street art, interaction with the public and other street performers (my favorite chapter is the one in which I have invited children to join me on the pavement), as well as images of the Renaissance City herself.

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by Kelly Borsheim

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I have about 20 copies here with me in Italy, so if you are also here, just write me and we will organize the rest…

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