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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 20 April 2016

  • See you in Indianapolis (and later Austin, Texas)!
  • New Pastels
  • Wedding portrait
  • Pinocchio Park Inaugurazione Images
  • Muse in Granite by Vasily Fedorouk
  • Blog Highlights: Chasing Bronze
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[detail bronze sculpture little mermaid]

The Little Mermaid Detail of bronze figure sculpture
by Kelly Borsheim

Dear Art Lover,

YOU are invited! Monday, May 15, there is a special gathering of friends at The Franklin Barry Gallery during normal open hours of 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Indianapolis has always struck me as a friendly town with a lively downtown. I have taken many photographs while wandering around the city. And Don Elliott and Chuck Hausasus make entering the gallery a low-key thing. They feature not only artworks and their gorgeous framing (they have an eye that I certainly never had for frames!), but many glass art pieces, fancy candles, and other hand-made objects that Don personally chooses from the many art markets and studios he visits. Some of my artworks there are featured in the images below his address. I hope that you can make it! Thank you.

Franklin Barry Gallery / The Frame Shop
617 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Tel.: 317.822.8455
E-mail: theframeshopindy@aol.com
Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Tribute to Pio Fedi, Italia: Pio Fedi is a wonderful sculptor [long since gone from this world]. In the Loggia dei Lanzi of Florence, Italy, he has a large stone carving of four figures: A soldier abducts a young woman as the mother clings to him asking for mercy, as her son lay slain at their feet. It is a gorgeous creation with a wicked expression on the soldier’s face and he looks down into the face of the crying mother. I thought the pose of the grown man on the ground was brilliant. The sculptor elevated the hips to help the figure be seen and lend a graceful “fallen” feel to the figure. I isolated him to emphasize that and then added one of my favorite things to look at: the moon.

[painting fallen lying down man foreshortening full moon Tribute to Sculptor Pio Fedi, Florence Italy]

[gallery scene Franklin Barry Indianapolis]
"Ten" a framed notecard, and "After the Bath" on the table
The Franklin Barry Gallery
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


Lip Service: One of my fun stone carvings out of Texas Pecos (red) sandstone & Texas crème limestone. I do not really know how to explain this composition, but it makes me smile for some reason. I hope it does you, too. I carved a series of “lips” related sculpture: Pelican Lips, Zebra Lips, Lips of Life, Mobius Lips, Fish Lips, and the original that sold to another artist almost immediately [the one my husband called my self-portrait!].

[painting fallen lying down man foreshortening full moon Tribute to Sculptor Pio Fedi, Florence Italy]


Oh Boy!: I never think of myself as a feminist, but I do believe in equal rights. I created this bronze mirror of men because I think we should have some eye candy of BOTH sexes. Let us face it, many artists create nude women draping themselves every which way, or sometimes we get the point of view as voyeur. So, why not have something for the other fair sex?

[Bronze mirror of men]

[Bronze mirror of men] [Bronze mirror of men] [Bronze mirror of men]


Yin Yang: While carving in Marble, Colorado, I saw this beautiful piece of Yule marble. It was quarried from the mountain at just the point in which the layers of thin gold veining met layers of the unusual emerald green veining! How rare and wonderful. I lived with this stone for a long time, feeling intimidated to come up with a spectacular idea. I later realized that I had frozen myself into inaction. Later, I decided that the Yin and Yang symbol was perfect to express the qualities of gold vs. green. But I followed the shape of the stone mostly and added an architectural element to break up the symmetry of the circle. Not wanting a single-side stone carving and trying to explain the “opposite but equal” idea of the symbol, I added some male and female elements on the back. I found some interesting yellow crystals on the male figure that I worked hard not to cut out entirely to get the form. I really enjoy the individual personalities of stone!

[Yin and Yang stone carving with gold vein and green vein Colorado Yule Marble]

[Yin Yang stone carving with gold vein and green vein Colorado Yule Marble]


After Indy comes a brief visit to the Chicago area; Norman, Oklahoma; and back to Austin, Texas. I am one of six artists featured in a downtown art happening in Austin on May 19 and 20. I will tell you more about that in my next art newsletter, but you may see the details on my home page:

It would be fun to reconnect with you if at all possible! Thank you.

New Pastels!

Pastel is a luscious medium. The colors are made from the same pigments for oil paintings, but “raw,” rich, and strong. I love holding pastels in my hand as I made marks on the paper (or years ago, on the streets of Florence, Italy). They tend to give a great textural feel to the viewer. For this reason, I created four new pastels recently. Each are 12 x 18 inches (or 18 x 12, for the height should always come first in the listing). Each are drawn on UArt Sanded paper and attached to acid-free foam core. They are ready to frame. Pastel should not touch the (non-reflective) glass. I sometimes use a mat to keep this distance, but I actually prefer sometimes to let the frame come right up over the image, as a painting does. In that case, I use 1/4 –inch black acrylic spacers to see the art back a little bit from the glass. A lovely effect it is!

Because these artworks are still unframed, they are only available from my studio [shipping from Austin, Texas]. The price for each is $650. Please write me if you love one or more.

[detail pastel painting art Austrian Valley]
Detail from Austrian Valley

[Original pastel painting Austrian Valley]
Austrian Valley

[Original pastel painting Child running in olive tree grove]
Childhood in Casignano

[Original pastel painting Giotto's Bell Tower]
Inside Giotto's Bell Tower, Firenze

[Original pastel painting Florence Street at Night]
Florence Street Scene at Night

Wedding Portrait

Some things you just cannot say, “no” to. This time I received a request to create a portrait painting of a couple with the following criteria: a style similar to Seurat, colors: hot pink, bright orange and navy blue (the colors of the Denver Broncos horse sports logo that I had to include), a crucifix (not just a cross), AND I would not have access to the models since I was in Italy and they were in the US. Instead, I received several digital images of the couple. However, one had good hair, another a bad expression on her, or him, and a third, we like the faces (but not the pose). The lighting was not the same on the images I ended up choosing to use.

Needless to say, it was a challenge. Because of my knee injuries in 2016, I ended up shipping the painting while still wet to Florida this past January, thinking that I would not be able to do so after knee surgery. Thankfully, two other doctors recommended an alternative diagnosis for my leg; I have not had surgery and am now walking mostly normal again. The painting arrived safely and was presented to the bride at the Bridal Shower and will be featured during the marriage ceremony and subsequent party. My baby sister Danielle and her future husband Joe LOVE the painting, my mother stretched the canvas, and Joe’s grandmother paid for the frame. A total family affair! I feel relieved and delighted at the same time. I am soon leaving Texas to share in the hitching.

Congratulations to the bride and groom: Danielle and Joe!

[wedding portrait]
Wedding Portrait: Dani and Joe

[dotted detail of wedding portrait groom]
Detail of a wedding portrait

[Bridal shower framed portrait gift]
The happy bride with framed portrait

Pinocchio Park Inaugurazione [Dedication] Images

World traveler Pinocchio has his own kid’s park in the town of the famous story’s birthplace: Collodi, Italy, in Tuscany. My friend and colleague Kumiko Suzuki and I, along with several of our Italian carving friends, recently celebrated the permanent installation of our symposium sculptures from last summer into the Parco (Park) di Pinocchio. Sadly, I was in Texas during the inaugurazione (dedication, in this case) on April 9, 2017. Kumiko took these images I share with you here.

I love how her Blue Fairy and the Snail was installed with flowers at the base and surrounded by greenery. She did a gorgeous work and it looks great, don’t ya think?

You may see more of her work online at: http://kumikosuzuki.simdif.com

See images of the park and more sculpture here: http://www.borsheimarts.com/news/201703_ArtNews-SculptureParcoDiPinocchioCollodiItaly.htm

[Kumiko Suzuki sculpture The Blue Fairy and the Snail Pinocchio Park in Collodi Italy Tuscany]
'The Blue Fairy and the Snail' stone carving by Florence, Italy-based sculptor Kumiko Suzuki; installed in the Pinocchio Park in Collodi, Tuscany

[Dedication of Permanently install sculpture Parco di Pinocchio, Collodi, Italy]
'Pinocchio Rides the Dove' by Kelly Borsheim - Art Reception

Kumiko also sent me this link for the video of the dedication ceremony. I have not yet seen it since I have limited time online where I am at the moment. Enjoy:


[more press newspaper article Pinocchio Park in Collodi Italy Tuscany]

[newspaper article about the Dedication of Permanently installed sculpture Parco di Pinocchio, Collodi, Italy]
More press in Italy as this newspaper announces the dedication of the six newly installed sculptures into the 'Parco di Pinocchio'

[Original stone carving figure female muse sculpture Vasily Fedorouk]

Muse in Granite by Vasily Fedorouk:

One of the perks of carving colored stone is that you can create a two-tone (at least) composition. The difference is how one treats the surface: a high polish lends the rich darker color and really shows off the personality of the stone, while bruising or at least leaving the surface rough gives a lighter version of the color, even before sealing. In this featured granite carving, Vasily masterfully composed Muse to emphasize the subject of the woman.

13 x 5 x 9 inches
Granite (stone)
© 2000 Vasily Fedorouk

I encourage you to visit his Web site and have a look around!

There are a limited number of available works, but please inquire.

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[August Art Auction]

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for sharing this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. Thank you. Please let me know if you would like to commission an artwork; or add an existing work to your home or work collection.

Kelly Borsheim
20 April 2017

[chasing bronze in bluebonnet land Texas]

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