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by Kelly Borsheim copyright 28 June 2017

  • Pond Sculpture: by Kelly and Vasily
  • Broken Wrist and a Wedding
  • Fine Art America : phone cases with art
  • Blog Highlights: New Sculpture WIP
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[crated bronze pond sculpture]

Crated bronze pond sculpture, Rock Towers and Frogs
by Kelly Borsheim

Dear Art Lover,
Thank you to the homeowners in Sacramento, California, for the following images, and permission to use. You see, last year they contacted me and asked me to create a large sculpture for their new pond in front of their home. They wanted something impressive that might start conversations and become a cherished part of family memories. They asked me to expand on the open, airiness of my much smaller bronze sculpture, Cattails and Frog Legs. I hope someday I find myself in California so that I may accept the offer to meet my new collectors!

I am happy to show you the first finished bronze in this edition. If you would enjoy seeing this bronze sculpture in your own outdoor space or workplace, please contact me in the studio, via Internet. Curious about the shipping process and cost, as well as seeing close-up images of the art? Please visit this page here:

[Cattails and Frog Legs bronze sculpture]
"Cattails and Frog Legs"
limitedbronze sculpture
19" h x 7" w x 6" d
© 2007 Kelly Borsheim
$1500 USD [ships from Austin, Texas, USA]

[gallery scene Franklin Barry Indianapolis] [gallery scene Franklin Barry Indianapolis]

[the bather marble water fountain pond sculpture]

The Bather, a Marble Fountain by Vasily Fedourouk

When I was in the States recently, I made a point to visit two friends in the Chicago area: stone carver Walter Arnold and my friend Dilbara Arapova. I met her many years ago because she is the wife of my late friend and mentor, sculptor extraordinaire, Vasily Fedorouk. She remembers well when Vasily had the next marble carving I present to you in their previous home in Seattle. "The Bather" is a fountain, carved out of Colorado Yule marble. The stone sculpture makes a lovely sound as the water falls over the edges of her tub.

The fountain is in Dilbara's current living room and I recently took some snapshots of some of the lovely design work Vasily did. I love the creative way he carves hair. Vasily, like me, was a direct carver. This means that he does not create his composition in another material first and then mathematically translates it by carving a marble copy of the original. Instead, direct carvers "simply" draw on the stone and then cut away what is not needed for the design.

And look at those lovely legs! You may see in this image one of the entry holes for the water. There is another one on the other side of the lower leg.

Contact Dilbara directly if you would like to make "The Bather" yours. I encourage you to visit his Web site and have a look around!
http://www.vasilyfedorouk.com, Tel. (001) 630-271-1135; E-mail: contact@vasilyfedorouk.com

[hair design the bather marble water fountain pond sculpture] [designed hair the bather marble water fountain pond sculpture]

[hair design the bather marble water fountain pond sculpture]

[legs the bather marble water fountain pond sculpture]

Broken Wrist and a Wedding

The recent USA trip was good, even if I did not accomplish all that I set out to do. One highlight was having all six of my mother's children in the same place at the same time. None of us are really sure when the last time that happened was! My baby sister's wedding was a lot of fun, even though my knee gave out as we were all dancing to the song I requested, Billy Idol's 'White Wedding' ["Hey, little sister, what have you done?"]. Fortunately, I was dancing with my brothers, including the twins. Immediately after I fell, each twin grabbed one of my arms and I was vertical before [to my knowledge] anyone documented that graceful move on film. I wondered how much I would later pay for that decision.

Less than a week after I returned home in Tuscany, I was at the quarry, rock hunting for my next sculpture project. While climbing up a pile of stones to see other views of a candidate, I felt small pebbles sliding around under my foot. Normally this would not have been a serious issue and I moved my foot up the stone a bit. However, the knee has never healed and was too weak. In this fall, I broke my right wrist. [I am writing this newsletter as the left-handed, one-finger typist.]

The cast may come off soon, after a month in place. In the meantime, I started a new bas-relief sculpture in plastilina using just my left hand. You may follow the progress of that on my blog, see links below.


Well, after two injuries to my right knee in early 2016, which have never healed, I fell twice in the spring of 2017. The latter fall, back home in Tuscany, resulted in a broken right wrist. So I have cancelled most plans for travel and exhibition for 2017. I hope to stay home and do what it takes to heal. If I have ever made any artwork that moves you, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you about it, especially if you would like to buy it and help with my rent during my downtime.
Thank you,

[Kelly bears the ring-bearer on her shoulders briefly]

[Artist Cast Signing Passion Flower Eyelashes]
Showing two Italian children who decorated my cast
how to enjoy passion flowers as eyelashes

[newlyweds with all but one of the bride's siblings; photo by Daylan Photography, central Florida]
Newlyweds with all but one of the bride's siblings; photo by Daylan Photography, central Florida April 29, 2017

[Wedding portrait by artist Kelly Borsheim]
Wedding portrait by artist Kelly Borsheim

[Yin Yang stone carving with gold vein and green vein Colorado Yule Marble]
The nuts do not fall far from the tree [as Mom likes to say]: My artist mother with all of her six kids. Florida April 2017


Fine Art America : phone cases with art:

Don't laugh, please, but I recently entered the world of smart phones and now am trying to learn how to use the iPhone that my father and his wife gave me [Dad's old one, as she keeps him upgraded...lol]. I have already managed to drop it [forgot it was in the sling supporting my broken wrist and it fell out when I bent over to pet my neighbor's dog after my morning walk]. Time to go shopping in my own store. . . I cannot decide which of my artworks to choose, but thinking that 'Il Dono' [The Gift] might look good on a protective cover. Suggestions?

Per Fine Art America [FAA]:
Protect your iPhone with an impact-resistant, slim-profile, hard-shell case. The image is printed directly onto the case and wrapped around the edges for a beautiful presentation. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone for instant protection and direct access to all of the phone's features! There are cases for other models of phones, AND you get to choose your own cropping on the art!

FAA products online:: 30 day guarantee.. pillows, shower curtains, prints on metal, etc.

Recent Blog Topics:

You may follow a variety of art topics on my blog, mostly travel and art:
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[August Art Auction]

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. Thank you for sharing this newsletter with your friends and colleagues. Thank you. Please let me know if you would like to commission an artwork; or add an existing work to your home or work collection.

Kelly Borsheim
28 June 2017

[Serbian Farmer painting detail WIP]

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by Kelly Borsheim

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