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Passages, Morocco: 2013
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Places and Poses: 2011
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Inspired by Italy: 2010
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Exhibit Italia: 2009
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Paintings - Oil and Acrylic:

Room VIII: Color
Room VII: Italy
Room VI: 2003-2005
Room V: 2002-2004

Room IV: 2001-2002
Room III: 1999-2001
Room II: 1996-2000
Room I: 1996-1997

When I was in college at SWTSU in central Texas, I took a fascinating course entitled, "Music and Literature". Our teacher, Dr. Paul Cohen, explained that long ago, these two arts were not separate. Music told stories, while people put words together so that they sounded lyrical, as well as having meaning. My paper for that class was about "Sheherazade" (1888) by composer Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908).

I had so much fun with that project! Although I checked out a record from the school library to hear the music, what really made an impression on me was getting my hands on some sheet music. I pulled out my flute, and played passages over and over to gain some understanding of my quest. What a joy!

What has this to do with paintings? Well, the more one pays attention, the more one realizes how much things are connected. I do not consider myself a colorist, the way many painters describe themselves. I love color, too, but while I am beginning to discover color and enjoy layering and mixing color, I have not come to the point of thinking that color is the primary quality of my own work.

My goal is to appeal to more than one sense. So I study tone. I want the viewer to feel he or she could actually reach out and touch the figures in my paintings. I want to try to create three dimensions with two. I am a sculptor. And doing these paintings helps my sculpting ability.

Each of our bodies comes from the combination of two unique individuals. Something amazing can be found in every body. It continually impresses me how limitless uniqueness really is and, therefore, we will never "have seen it all."

I love oil paint. It has what I call "squish appeal"--it strikes me as very sculptural because it is malleable, almost like clay. In my figurative oil paintings, I tend to look for the triangles in the composition of the model. Triangles have always appealed to me because of their versatility and stability. You can make any shape with triangles. (Rotate an equilateral triangle on its center point and you get a circle.) I use triangles to understand the relationships between parts of an image.

In 2006, I went to Italy to improve my understanding of disegni -- designs and drawings. The word in Italian means both of those English words. One concept, inseparable. You will see links posted above the painting links to my disegni. In September of 2007, I became one of the madonnari -- or Italian street painters -- and began to explore an entire new art world. For the first time I create large artworks, worked flat and on a new surface, and . . . I worked with pastels and began to fall in love with color. It is my hope that the chronological order is helpful to you as you follow my journey or jump only to those pages that interest you.

Some of the pages of the individual paintings will include some text and images of the work as it was being created. Thank you for visiting.

Art, like mathematics, is simply determining the relationship between things.

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