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Borsheim's Art of the Human Form

Fontana di Lucca, Italia

30" h X 20"
Oil on Canvas
© 2004
Kelly Borsheim

Available, also as notecards

[art painting of female torso]
[water fountain in Lucca]

Lucca, Italia

Lucca was a surprise for me. I had visited Firenze (Florence) for about five days before heading north and west on my way to the marble mountains in Carrara. I was only able to stay in the walled city of Lucca for two nights. Compared to Firenze, Lucca seemed a bit sleepy and lacking in art. However, as I explored the town, I began to look up into open windows, my gaze following the sounds of voices and music. I discovered that most of the art was inside of the buildings as I caught glimpses of beautiful frescoes on the walls and ceilings.

The 2nd of June is a holiday called Festa Nazionale della Repubblica. It just so happened to be the day I was painting a composition of my favorite fountain in Lucca -- in the Piazza San Salvatore. Many families were out and about and it was fun to watch people of all ages walk and bike to the fountain I was painting to refill their water bottles. I laughed to myself as I overheard a tour guide confiding to her visitors that although the water from this particular fountain was believed to have wonderful healing powers, she was not so sure the benefits came from the water or from the fact that the people exercised every day while traveling to the fountain! One man remarked from behind me while he and his family watched me paint, "La composizione è interessante!" Several others asked me about the kind of paint I was using. The people here were very warm and I enjoyed working among them.

Images of Lucca, Italia (Italy)

[Lucca, Italia, Italy] [Lucca, Italia, Italy] [Lucca, Italia, Italy]

[Lucca, Italia, Italy]

[Lucca, Italia, Italy] [Lucca, Italia, Italy]

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