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Borsheim's Art of the Human Form

A Sculptor's Studio, Carrara, Italia

38" h X 16"
Oil on Canvas
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim

Available - $1,200

[sculpture depicted in painting]

This is a view of my studio in Texas with the painting above still be created.

[sculpture depicted in painting sculptor studio carrara italy italia]

Images of Carrara, Italia region

[view from Ostello Apuano, Marina di Massa, Italia, Italy] [marble Carrara, Italia, Italy]

[marble Carrara, Italia, Italy]

Carrara, Italy, is famous for its fabulous marble quarries ("cave" in Italian). Michelangelo got much of his marble here (including for his "David" that is the symbol of Florence, Italy). Often stone carvers wish to live close to their stone supply since transportation costs can be great (and the stone will be lighter once carved for shipping OUT of the studio). However, now in Carrara, most of the sculptors have moved to nearby Pietrasanta as Carrara became too expensive. [And now, apparently even Pietrasanta is becoming too expensive for artists to live as well.]

It is fun to fly into Pisa because as you approach the Italian west coast, you may think that you are seeing snow-capped mountains. However, if it happens to be summer and you are looking north of Pisa, you are probably seeing the open excavation used in Carrara. You are seeing mountains of marble!

To read more about my first trip to Carrara, Italy, please see my September 2004 newsletter.

[marble Carrara, Italia, Italy] [marble Carrara, Italia, Italy]

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