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Borsheim's Art of the Human Form

[female torso original oil painting]

Lei (left)

Lui (right)

36" h X 10" (each)
Oil on
Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim


[male torso original oil painting]

Original Oil Paintings of Male and Female Torsos:

I find it interesting how men and women naturally hold their bodies differently from one another. My husband John often chides me because he cannot walk past me in our kitchen because (he says) "Kelly always has her wings out." He is referring to my elbows as my hands rest on my hips when I am tired and standing still, lost in thought.

The oil paintings of Lei and Lui were created on a gallery-wrapped canvas, so framing is totally the collector's option. The paintings are signed with my logo on the front (bottom corner); while on the back, I signed my name and the year, along with the title of this original artwork. Although these paintings may be sold separately, I do think they make a good pair.

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