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Borsheim's Art of the Human Form

The Thinker

24" h X 24"
Oil on Gallery-Wrapped Canvas
© 2005
Kelly Borsheim


[The Thinker original oil painting of nude man]
[life drawing sketches painting]

Original Oil Painting "The Thinker"

The painting in oil titled "The Thinker" was based off of an acrylic sketch that I did from a live modeling session with a male model in the summer of 2005. The colors (of both paintings) are in burnt umber and titanium white. However, when I did the larger painting in oil, I added some subtle metallics to give a surprise as the light hits the art. I like the warm, almost coppery color of this composition. "The Thinker" is painted on a square gallery-wrapped canvas, with the sides painted to extend the image beyond the front plane. Framing is optional.

Pictured left is the original acrylic on watercolor paper, "Sketch of John D, The Thinker." You may view other painted sketches by clicking here.

The oil painting "The Thinker" is signed with my artist's logo on the front (lower right corner); while on the back, I signed my name and the year, along with the title of this original artwork.

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