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Borsheim's Art of the Human Form


36" h X 24"
Oil on Canvas
© 2007
Kelly Borsheim

Private Collection

[original oil portrait painting of semi-nude woman]
[original oil painting face of woman portrait]

Original Oil Painting Portrait Sara

While I was in Italia in Winter 2007, one of my collectors in Indianapolis contacted me about doing a surprise portrait of his wife for their 9th anniversary. This was a fun commission for me because, in part, when I asked my client John to tell me if his wife Sara had light or dark eyes, his response was a very charming - and thorough - description of not only his wife's eyes, but her skin as well. Now this is a man who is in love with his wife.

We all had a lot of fun surprising Sara with her portrait at the Franklin Barry Gallery in Indianapolis in July 2007. While these photos do not show the work well, the monochromatic painting used a pigment that my friend Rebecca Neef made called 'asphaltum' -- I call it rootbeer. And I added some green to the inner portions of the eye color area. Just a little for a subtle surprise.

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