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Kelly Borsheim's Original Still Life Oil Painting

[still life oil painting, natura morta, Tuscan table, table with bowls, country home]

Tuscan Table

74 x 54 cm (29 x 21 inches)
Original Oil Painting on primed paper (thick)
© 2014
Kelly Borsheim

SOLD [Private Collection, Florida]

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Tuscan Table
Original Still Life Oil Painting

There is comfort food and comfort art. This next painting I share with you gives me a very peaceful feeling and memory. I had gone with a close friend to the southwest region of Tuscany, to an area called Maremma. She wanted to buy a tombstone for her late father who is buried in the area. When we stopped to visit at the home some of her long-time family friends, I was struck by the light in the dining room and the rich wood of the table in front of old chairs and stone walls. This room invited me. I let them visit each other . . .

This painting is done mostly in a monochromatic theme, but there is red in one of the bowls and the copper pot hung on the wall in the background. Also, the bowl in front was painted in blacks and greys, not browns. I like this subtle change of color.

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