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Kelly Borsheim's Original Still Life Oil Painting

[still life oil painting, natura morta, Orchids and Old Things, Door lock, vintage oil can, old bone]

Orchid and Old Things

50 x 70 cm (19.7 x 27.5 inches)
Original Oil Painting on canvas
© 2016
Kelly Borsheim

Available $1,600 (USA)

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Orchids and Old Things
Original Still Life Oil Painting

Orchids and Old Things is a still life painting by Kelly Borsheim. I, the artist, bought this rusty old door lock and the oil can at an antique market in Florence, Italy, a couple of years ago. I was delighted when my new landlord, a retired iron worker, as well as a current farmer, told me that no one ever uses these old oil cans anymore. Yes, that is part of why I was attracted to it! Objects from our past give a sort of comfort and continuity to our lives. Rust is texturally rich and beautiful. The delicate while orchids make a nice contrast, don't you think?

[still life oil painting, natura morta, ]

This canvas has a different texture from many of my others. I bought a bunch of stuff from a Swiss artist who was moving away from Florence, Italy, to go to New York. This was one of his pre-prepped canvases, although still blank, other that the colored texture, when I received it. In December 2015, I moved from Florence to the hills in Tuscany, some distance away from the city. My home was not quite ready yet, so I began this painting while I was living in temporary quarters nearby. The final touches were finally added by March 2016 after the move and more work by my landlord, others, and me continued. I hope you enjoy this painting and that these detail images give you a good idea of how she looks in real life.

[still life oil painting, orchids, bone close up, animal bone, detail, natura morta] [still life oil painting, orchids detail, large orchids, close-up, natura morta]

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