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by Kelly Borsheim

Please note that almost all 2-D art images may be ordered as giclée and/or notecards.

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Serpent Guardians:
[contemporary painting]

[contemporary drawing]

[orchids painting]

Turkish Light:
[oil painting still life]

[landscape fine art]

Fiesole Still-Life:
[pastel art]

Queen of the Shelf:
[oil painting still life]

Sitting on a Shelf:
[still life painting]

Hélène's Vase:
[oil painting grapes]

Tuscan Table:
[table still life painting]

Olives and Oil:
[still life oil painting]

Red, White, Green:
[red oil painting]

Artichoke +:
[oil painting still life]

The Harvest:
[bee oil painting]

Giuseppe's Tools:
[Still life painting]

Silver Trees-Texas:
[landscape art]

Cascading Clouds:
[pastel art]

Morning Light...:
[pastel art]

Giambologna's Trees:
[pastel art]

Tuscan Vista:
[pastel art]

Shell Ginger:
[pastel art]

North Carolina Leaves:
[pastel art]

Giambologna's Trees (pastel on black paper):
[Giambologna trees Florence, Italy art pastel landscape painting]

Detail from Hélène's Vase (oil on wood panel):
[still life oil painting, sculpted winged creature forms the handle on the vase]

I have always felt a strong connection with trees. Even though I prefer to draw, paint, and sculpt the human form, I am not usually far away from the natural world when I work. Sometimes it is rejuvenating to step outside of one's body of work to create something that requires a different way of seeing.

Please click on the cropped thumbnail images above that interest you. You may read about the creations of some of these works on my art blog.

All original paintings and drawings are for sale, unless noted otherwise. Please contact the studio or one of the galleries, if interested in one or more of my original nature paintings. Or send me your requests. Thank you.
Kelly Borsheim

P.S. Please note that almost all 2-D art images may be ordered as giclée and/or notecards.

[detail of pastel art painting tropical flower tropical plant shell ginger Alpinia zerumbet raindrops]
Detail from "Raindrops on Shell Ginger"
18" x 14"
Pastel on dark green Sennelier paper
© 2010
by Kelly Borsheim

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