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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

Borgo degli Albizi - Firenze, Italia

64 x 46 cm (25 x 18")
pastel and charcoal
Roma-brand paper
© 2009
Kelly Borsheim

(Private Collection

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[pastel art painting street scene Europe]

"Borgo degli Albizi - Firenze, Italia" - Original Pastel Painting

When artist Kelly Borsheim lived Florence, Italy, she was always intrigued by the streets at night and how the light fell against various forms. This pastel painting depicts a couple walking down Borgo degli Albizi in central Florence in a light rain at night.

This very European street scene is available as a giclée fine art reproduction.

[detail of pastel art painting European street scene]

[art pastel painting charcoal drawing European street scene in private home gallery]

"Borgo degli Albizi - Firenze, Italia" - Original Pastel Painting

This is an image sent from the new owner of this pastel and charcoal drawing of a night scene in Florence, Italy. She looks good framed and will be well enjoyed in this space visible from the kitchen (off to the right) and dining areas. Photo of his California home is courtesy of the private collector.

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