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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

[modern contemporary Eve with apple Pastel painting]

"Reluctant Temptress"

12" x 9"
Pastel on Pastelbord
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim


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"Reluctant Temptress" - Original Pastel Painting

Well, I guess I am a bit more of a feminist than I ever imagined. Every time I get accused of being a feminist, my initial response is, "You take that back!" I think the feminists gave women a bad name. After years of feeling frustrated and defensive, they pushed too far. When I was in high school, I understood them to be men haters.

My friend Laurie defended her name-calling to me in college by explaining that she meant that I do whatever I want to do and it never occurs to me that I cannot do it because of my female-ness. Perhaps that is a perk of growing up with three very active brothers. And I have always been aware of my short temper with people who cross that line between lifting themselves up and (by) pushing other people down.

So, you might imagine the problem I have with the Book of Genesis. Even the children's bible that I still own portrays the misogynist view. For one example, that whole "Adam and Eve" story really gets me. I do not have the space to go into it here, but suffice it to say, Eve was doomed from the very beginning.

And yet, is there not some beauty in almost every person? (I would like to remove "almost" but fear I might sound too idealistic - ha!) So, this next pastel painting comes from another one of my explorations of the duality in our humanity. Imagine a modern day Eve (any woman actually) who follows her passion, but hesitates as she is reminded of a cultural weight. The future might be full of love and family and even fame (in Eve's case), and yet, that apple . . .

I do not know. I could go 'round and 'round with all interpreted meanings of my latest pastel painting (and the bible). Sometimes an apple is just an apple . . . It will be more interesting to learn how YOU feel about this image.
~ Kelly Borsheim

[reluctant temptress Eve with apple pastel art]
Detail images (above)

Extra note: Wonderful to have this opera singer Caitlin pose for a drawing. I met her while I was street painting in Florence, Italy, and asked her to sing at an art exhibit in which I had some work. I had not heard her sing, but how many people will say that they have performed more than once if they suck? I took a chance and got permission for her to do her thing ...and she was AMAZING! I do not know much about opera, but she definitely made everyone stop looking at art. Such a presence and what a lovely voice. Here, I painted her as Eve, the reluctant temptress [for who would willingly accept that job?].

[reluctant temptress Eve with apple pastel art]

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