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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings


11.5" x 17"
Pastel and charcoal painting on Wallis Museum-grade paper
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

[Framed with a black wood frame & Museum Glass = $1012]

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[woman sitting alone on bed looking out of window Florence, Italy - art pastel drawing painting]

"Songbird" - Original Pastel Painting

I have (almost) always felt privileged when a person includes me in a personal part of her life. I am referring to those kinds of things that two people share in an often quiet moment in life, such as when viewing a powerful sunset or one-to-one learning situation. This next pastel artwork is a painting that I did of my friend Hafiza in her home near Florence, Italy.

We were both sitting on Hafiza's bed talking, while Hafiza was slowing gathering a warm blanket over her lap and legs. She had paused to formulate her thoughts before speaking and then, I saw her turn her head towards the window. She had heard a bird singing outside for just a moment and I realized almost simultaneously that we had not heard any birds in a while and also that the light coming through the window and falling onto my friend was truly lovely. I asked her to stay still for a moment.

I am having a good time with pastels and enjoying the transitions areas, such as blending pinks and oranges into the folds of the curtain behind my friend, as well as the grey parts of her backlit hair. In the second detail image, you can see the radiator and bed. Although I tend to work in a realistic style, I am trying to do this with fewer strokes. And I was trying to depict the texture of fringe vs. the other soft parts of the blanket.

Maybe you did not hear the bird's song, but I hope that I was able to depict a feeling on intimacy and peace, and maybe even sharing the joy of spending quiet time with a dear friend.

This painting was created in pastels on white sanded Wallis-brand Museum grade paper. It is a thick strong paper and offers a subtle texture to the art. Like all of Kelly's pastel and charcoal artworks, this one has been treated with a fixative spray and will ship safely to your home or office.

[woman alone in her room pastel painting art]
[texture blanket detail figure art Florence Italy pastel art]

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