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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

[pinocchio and globe World Traveler Italy art pastel painting]

"World Traveler"

25" x 18.5"
Pastel on black Firenze paper
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

$2100 [Framed well]

[Order Giclée on paper
(24" long dimension giclée costs $275.
Smaller sizes available.]

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"World Traveler" was a finalist in the prestigious Art Renewal Center 2010-2011 ARC Salon - Still Life Category.

[Pinocchio globe map travel art pastel painting]

"World Traveler" - Original Pastel Painting

Globes and maps, especially old ones, have always held a certain kind of charm. Perhaps they represent so much potential for new experiences or visions or even friends. Around Florence, Italy, in some of the shop windows, one notices many wooden puppets of Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a Tuscan "invention." You may read more about The Adventures of Pinocchio online, but what intrigued me was the idea of how tales can often travel around the globe more than most individuals ever will. Books, or more accurately our stories, share our similar humanity and sometimes different cultures with others almost anywhere in the world, even communicating over generations.

This painting was created in pastels on a black Firenze-brand paper. On the technical side, the curled up map with the burgundy ribbon was fun and quite challenging to draw and so was the globe. A formidable challenge is to use the pastels in a way that matches the artist's aesthetic and training in classical art, meaning the use of soft edges and darker muted colors to create an atmosphere. In this case, specifically, I had to create the shadow tones in such a way that they merged into the black paper without the viewer's brain thinking about this transition.

Like all of Kelly Borsheim's pastel and charcoal artworks, this one has been treated with a fixative spray and will ship safely to your home or office. Fine art giclée are also available. Just ask.

"World Traveler" was a finalist in the prestigious Art Renewal Center 2010-2011 ARC Salon - Still Life Category.

[Pinocchio globe framed art]

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