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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

[wine glasses table setting flowers - art pastel figure painting]

"A Night's Promise"

24" x 18"
Pastel on black Firenze paper
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

$1800 [Framed well]

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(Example: 24" long dimension giclée costs $275. Smaller sizes available.]

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"A Night's Promise" - Original Pastel Painting

In an Italian window one evening I saw a composition of a table set for two with the vase containing a single flower next to an unopened bottle of wine. It was a scene full of potential. It seems to leave more questions than answers, allowing one's imagination to take off. What will be served? Who will enjoy the meal, the wine? What will they talk about? And after?

While I had fun with the technical aspects of painting transparent objects and creating another one of my pastel paintings, trying to be a bit of a minimalist with color on black paper, I imagined many a scenario.

I hope you enjoy "A Night's Promise" and let your imagination run wild.

This painting was created in pastels -- pure pigment -- on black Firenze-brand paper. For example, the wine bottle is mostly paper that has no pastel drawn on it. Like all of Kelly's pastel and charcoal artworks, this one has been treated with a fixative spray and will ship safely to your home or office.

[wine glasses table setting flowers - art pastel figure painting]

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