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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

Carnevale Sunrise

16" x 20"
Pastel on PastelBord
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim


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[Carnevale Sunrise pastel art painting Venice Italy Carnival]
[detail of pastel art painting Carnevale Sunrise Venice Italy Carnival]

[detail of pastel art painting Carnevale Sunrise Venice Italy Carnival]

"Carnevale Sunrise" - Original Pastel Painting

I love costumes! Like art, costumes allow us to express our personalities in usual ways. The mysteries of a mask, the fantastically bright colors that one might not otherwise want to wear, and the shapes, oh, the shapes: how marvelous is life!

But although I adore people in costume, I do not always love being surrounded by hoards of people. So, some years ago when I went to Venice, Italy, for the famous Carnevale festival, I took a train from Florence at 1 am and arrived in Venice before the sun came up. [Anyone who knows me can understand what an effort for me this was!]

It was worth the effort. The city was vacant and silent. Walking along alleyways while following the many canals in such silence was almost spiritual. Signs of life began to emerge as the dark night slowly turned into a dark blue. Local merchants began moving in fresh fish and other goods with small dollies. No one greeted me or even looked my way - locals are used to tourists and no doubt relish these quiet moments to themselves.

The morning was cold as I stopped somewhere to slip my costume over my clothes. I found an old mirror or maybe it was only a reflective window somewhere near the fish market, and checked the fringe on my mask. Then I made my way down to the famous Piazza San Marco.

The sun was rising. That is something I rarely get to see, so I made my way over to the water's edge. What a glorious sight! The skies. The sleeping gondolas. The waters of Venice. And the costumes were out. The figures moved in the most theatrical of ways. Such drama in the quiet morning!

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