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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

"Fiesole Still Life"

21.5" x 29"
Pastel on Fabiano watercolor paper 140 wt.
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

$1600 [Framed in black]

[Order Giclée on paper
(24" long dimension giclée costs $275.
Smaller sizes available.]

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[Tuscan colors Still Life home in Fiesole, Italy - art pastel drawing painting]

"Fiesole Still Life" - Original Pastel & Charcoal Drawing

[pastel art color layering]
Always wanting to try something new with each artwork, this time I was inspired by the home of a friend of mine who lives in Fiesole. This is a beautiful Tuscan home with all of the warm colors for which Tuscany is famous. Fiesole is just up the mountain from Florence, Italy, and this original pastel paining is part of the series of artworks inspired by Florence, Italy (Firenze, Italia). This still life composition depicts three vases sitting above eye level on a shelf made from a log. One can see parts of the wooden ceiling and other details. Once again, the light is the true subject of this artwork.

I chose to create this pastel painting on a highly textured watercolor paper. It is a thick paper and I was able to use the texture to beautiful effect. I like it that the closer one gets, the more texture one sees. I am also fascinated with the layering of colors and the play of cool and warm pigments together. Note that in the grey vase on the right, I added purples and yellows into the greys. I hope that you enjoy this composition in pastel.

[detail of texture of pastel painting of Fiesole Italy still life art]

[pastel art color layering]

[pastel art framed in black  Beautiful Tuscan colors - oranges browns hearth warmth]

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