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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

"La Giostra" (Merry-Go-Round/ Carousel)

23" x 17"
Pastel & Charcoal on brown Roma paper
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

$1800 [framed]

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(24" long dimension giclée costs $275.
Smaller sizes available.]

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[La Giostra - Merry-Go-Round in Florence, Italy - art painting]
[detail of Michelangelo figure in the carousel drawing art]

"La Giostra" (Merry-Go-Round/ Carousel) - Original Pastel Painting

This pastel and charcoal drawing is one of the current Italy-inspired series, specifically of Florence (Firenze, Italia, as she is known in her own language). The title of this original artwork is "La Giostra" which means "merry-go-round" or "carousel."

One viewer remarked that this is a cool merry-go-round because it invites all ages. The kids will enjoy riding on the horse while the grown-ups can snuggle up in the moon-shaped carriage. In reality, I first fell in love with this giostra in Piazza della Repubblica when I noticed that there was a painting of a bare-breasted woman on the inner wall, between the mirrors. I cannot imagine that even existing in America and I found that quite charming.

However, for various reasons, I decided to replace her with a male nude figure (except for his headband). I borrowed him from Michelangelo, as a nod to one of the most famous offspring from the Renaissance City.

"La Giostra" is 23 x 17 inches. The pastel and charcoal drawing was created on the Roma-brand paper that I brought back to Texas from Florence, Italy. I hope you enjoy this artwork.

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