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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

"Santo Spirito Shadows" - Firenze, Italia

17" x 23"
Pastel & Charcoal on white Roma paper
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

Private Collection
Caprese Michelangelo, Italy

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[Piazza Santo Spirito in Florence, Italy - art pastel charcoal drawing painting]
[detail of Piazza Santo Spirito shadows Florence Italy drawing art]
[detail of Piazza Santo Spirito shadows Florence Italy drawing art]

"Santo Spirito Shadows" (Florence, Italy) - Original Pastel & Charcoal Drawing

Part of the series of artworks inspired by Florence, Italy (Firenze, Italia), this pastel and charcoal drawing features Piazza Santo Spirito. Kelly has captured one of Florence's more dramatic moments as far as the light goes, but an otherwise typical day in the life of an Italian piazza (square).

People congregate, visiting with each other as well as people watching. You can often see dogs in public spaces in Italy and of course, pigeons are ever-present. Still, Kelly sees these as supporting characters. The light and the stone are the stars of the show. Do you not agree?

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