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Kelly Borsheim's Original Pastel Paintings

"Via della Spada - Firenze, Italia"

25" x 18"
Pastel & Charcoal on white Roma paper
© 2010
Kelly Borsheim

Private Collection
Caprese Michelangelo, Italy

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[Street scene at night in Florence, Italy - art pastel charcoal drawing painting]
[street scene rain night Florence Italy drawing art]
Detail image 1 - pastel art

"Via della Spada - Firenze, Italia" - Original Pastel & Charcoal Drawing

Romance abounds in the Renaissance City. This pastel and charcoal painting / drawing by sculptor Kelly Borsheim depicts a couple holding hands while walking with umbrellas down the streets of Florence, Italy, at night. This artwork is part of a series inspired by the artist Kelly's time in Florence, usually riding her bike and soaking up the many inspirations of small city life.

While a lovely mixture of purples, blues, oranges, and pinks, the light is still the subject. The nightlights create intriguing shapes in the night as the lights bounces off the various forms of stone and concrete.

[couple with umbrellas in the rain at night Florence Italy drawing art]
Detail image 2 of pastel and charcoal original art

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