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A Sampling of Photography by Kelly Borsheim

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Selected Available Images

Photographic Images by Kelly Borsheim

"The Triumph of Icarus giclée arrived the other day. Thank you very much, it's fantastic, much better than on the computer screen!"
Stuart Lee, New Zealand, 2007
(collector of the 50" high giclée of The Triumph of Icarus)

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Thanks to my artist mother, I have been creating all sorts of things most of my life, including sewing, embroidery, Norwegian net-darning, and all sorts of crafts, as well as drawing and painting and murals. I later added sculpture.

However, in order to graduate university [with a degree in English and mathematics], I was told to take an elective. I chose black and white photography in the darkroom in the mid-1980s and when I saw my image emerge from a sheet of paper immersed in developer fluid in an almost pitch-black room, my life changed forever.

I found a job in a photolab to pay for my education and later moved into restoration and preservation work. I have always been drawn to monochromatic images ~ because they are so touchable, but I find color a challenge and also a joy.

To the left, you shall see links to just a tiny sampling of my photographic images. A few other images are shown below this text. And even more images are on my blog, as well as on my Facebook pages.

Below is the link to my art store. You will find lots of images there, some photographs, while others drawings and paintings. With Fine Art America [FAA], I offer prints on metal, wood, canvas, as well as on a variety of objects, such as towels, pillows, and phone cases. These items are a fun way to be uniquely you. FAA has fast service and offers a money-back guarantee. Thank you for your support and happy shopping!

Shop for prints and art on products ~ FUN and affordable!

Images of Rome

[Images of Italy Pantheon]
Pantheon III, Roma
[Pantheon Photography Rome Roma Images of Italy]
Pantheon I, Roma

[Rome Roma walk of angels Images of Italy]
Bridge of Angels, Roma

Images of Venice

[Venetian Mask, Silver]
Venetian Mask I (Silver), Carnevale, Venice, Italy
[Venetian Canal]
Venetian Canal I, Italy

[Sun Setting over Venice canal Images of Italy]
Sun Setting Over Venice
[Venetian Mask Images of Italy]
Venetian Mask II (Black and Gold), Carnevale, Venice, Italy

Images of Florence, Italy

[Images of Italy San Niccolo Florence]
Reflections over San Niccolò, Florence, Italy
[Images of Italy Ponte Vecchio at Night]
Ponte Vecchio at Night, Florence

[Perseus bronze statue Images of Italy]
Perseus in the Loggia, Florence
[Giambologna Firenze Florence Images of Italy]
Ratto della Sabines - Loggia, Florence (by Giambologna)

[Ponte Vecchio Mosaic Images of Italy]
Ponte Vecchio I (mosaic), Florence
[Ponte Vecchio Firenze Florence Images of Italy]
Ponte Vecchio I, Florence
(Detail: note texture in the art!)

Art Images of Italy

[Ponte Vecchio II neon Images of Italy]
Ponte Vecchio II (neon), Florence
[Pinte Vecchio Images of Italy]
Ponte Vecchio II, Florence
(Detail: note light and color in the art!)

[Venetian Arch Images of Italy]
Venetian Arch, Italy
[Venetian Arch Neon]
Venetian Arch (neon), Italy
(Detail: note light and color in the art!)

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