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Pricing Guide for Borsheim Artworks

Vickie II

[Light from Darkness art exhibit]

charcoal with pastel / carboncino con pastelli
64 x 46 cm

[pastel painting]

"North Carolina Leaves 2009"
pastel painting on PastelBord
12" x 9"
Private Collection
(North Carolina)

[wedding portrait commission]

"Wedding Portrait - The Babcocks"
portrait commission in quasi-style of Alphone Mucha
18" x 24"
Private Collection

Price Guides:

Below are some pricing considerations to act as a general guide. Actual prices may vary depending on size, complexity of the work, and deadline (for commissioned artwork).

Other useful information:

All artworks must be pre-paid prior to shipping or delivery. See below for our Layaway Plan. Please let me know if you discovered the work you wish to purchase via a gallery or dealer.

Crating and shipping will be quoted after you contact the studio about purchasing a Borsheim artwork. The price you will be charged is the quoted price for the artwork, plus any applicable sales tax and shipping fees.

All prices are in U.S. Dollars.
Borsheim Arts Studio accepts company or personal checks, as well as payments via PayPal. If paying via PayPal, please contact the studio and later you will receive a payment request via e-mail. Pay PayPal directly, not the studio.


All artworks are 100% guaranteed to please and in the event they do not please are 100% refundable (not including crating, shipping, and insurance fees) except in the instances described below. Once you receive your Borsheim artwork, look it over carefully to insure that nothing was damaged in shipping. If it has been, notify the studio immediately, and together we will resolve the issue to your satisfaction. If for some reason you do not like the artwork as much as you originally did, please contact the studio. Once the refused artwork is received back at the studio, you will receive a refund of the price of the artwork (shipping not included) or, if you prefer, a credit towards another work.

The exceptions to the 100% guarantee policy are noted below. Namely, for layaways that hold artwork from being sold to another party (especially on one-of-a-kind works) and for commissioned work. However, in the case of commissioned work, if the art is not so specific to the original patron that Borsheim Arts Studio would be able to sell the work to someone else, then the nonrefundable deposit may become refundable.


You may purchase existing/available Borsheim artworks via a layaway plan, if you like. Usually a one-third non-refundable deposit of the artwork price is required. Monthly payment amounts after that will be mutually agreed upon, but often, you decide the amount and date each month that you will pay. In other words, YOU set the schedule that works for you. Payments are interest-free, unless a payment is missed. After the price of the artwork has been paid in full, as well as any applicable sales taxes and shipping fees, you will receive your artwork.
If at any time, you change your mind about wanting the work, all paid monies -- less the deposit amount -- will be refunded or you may transfer the entire balance towards purchasing another available Borsheim artworks.

Commissioning an Artwork:

An artwork is considered a commission when the client, not the artist, requests that a specific artwork be created. Commission prices will be discussed and then quoted on an individual basis. Generally, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before the actual work has been done (and generally after a design has been agreed upon). Although this deposit is non-refundable, it is transferable to another Borsheim artwork in the event that the commission is cancelled.

In the case of a bronze sculpture commission (new work), payment installments will be made as follows:
  1. one-third nonrefundable deposit required to start the actual sculpture
  2. one-third payment due upon approval of original sculpture (in wax or clay, prior to moulding and casting)
  3. final third due upon completion and delivery of artwork

Pricing Sculpture

Sculpture is much more difficult to price than paintings are. Several reasons include the uniqueness of each work (the KIND of space the work uses and its complexity), the labor involved (which tends to be somewhat more physical and involve more people than the creation of 2-dimensional art), time, and the expense of the tools.

Stone sculpture is one-of-a-kind and each time I start a new stone piece, I start completely from "scratch."

With bronze sculpture, I usually offer a pre-casting (10-12%) savings for those who have the vision of being able to imagine what the bronze will look like while only viewing the clay or wax original. Also, the price tends to go up a little as the edition sells out. To learn about pre-casting and other special offers, please contact the studio and request to be added to the (e-) mailing list.

[nude black man bronze sculpture]
"Eric" bronze sculpture with granite base 10" h x 11" w x 8" d

Prices - Stone Sculpture

Title Medium Size Price (in US Dollars)
Back to Back marble, one of a kind 14" h 4,600
Encounter marble, one of a kind 17" h 3,500
Fish Lips marble, one of a kind 17" h 4,000
Gymnast marble, one of a kind 49" h 34,000
Lip Service stone, one of a kind 14" h 2,500
Lips of Life Pecos Sandstone, one of a kind 13" h 6,500
Möbius Mouth stone, one of a kind 17" h 3,200
Pelican Lips marble, one of a kind 12.5" h 3,000
Stargazer marble, one of a kind 24" h 16,000
Yin Yang marble, one of a kind 25" h 3,500
Zebra Lips marble, one of a kind 12.5" h 3,500

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Prices - Bronze Sculpture

Title Medium/ed. # Size Price (in US Dollars)
9-1-1 bronze, open ed. 14" h 1,500
Against the Dying of the Light bronze, ed. of 45 56" h, incl. 26" stone base Please Inquire
Cattails and Frog Legs bronze, ed. of 99 19" h 1,600
Chest Piece (wall art) bronze, open ed. 7.25" h 475
Comfort bronze, ed. of 12 11" h 2,000
Compatibility bronze, ed. of 12 11" h 2,200
Dancer (wall art) bronze, ed. 50 17" h 1,200
Eric bronze, ed. 99 10" h 1,800
Expecting Twins bronze bookends, ed. 18 12" h 3,500
Gemini bronze, ed. 24 41" h 12,500
Gregg bronze, ed. 45 19.5" h 2,400
I Am You bronze, ed. 45 26" h 6,200
Infinite Love (wall art/bas relief) bronze 7.25" h 1,500
The Little Mermaid bronze, ed. 27 24" h 3,200
The Lookout bronze, one of a kind 30" h 5,200
Oh Boy! bronze mirror, ed. 99 14.5" h 1,200
The Original Love Story bronze, ed. of 24 11" h 2,200
Peace (wall art, tile series) bronze, open edition 4.5" each side 350
Reginald bronze, ed. 20 34" h 9,500
Rehearsal (wall art) bronze, ed. 45 12" h 550
Rock Towers and Frogs bronze garden sculpture 43" h 14,400
Sea Turtles I bronze and stone, ed. 30 16" h 2,200
Shield (wall or gate art) bronze, ed. 54 30" h 6,500
Ten (wall art) bronze, ed. 381 12" h 650
Ten (wall art) bronze, ed. 12 47" h 6,900
Together and Alone bronze, ed. 45 26" h 4,200
Torsione bronze, ed. 72 11" h 1,800
Tranquillity (wall art, tile series) bronze, open edition 4.5" each side 350
The Unwritten Future bronze, ed. 99 19" h 1,600
Valentine (wall art) bronze, ed. 120 10" h 650
Vivacity (wall art, tile series) bronze, open edition 4.5" each side 350
Warrior Spirit bronze, ed. of 45 21" h 2,400

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Prices - Terra-cotta Sculpture

Title Medium/ed. # Size Price (in US Dollars)
After the Bath terra-cotta, one of a kind 10" h 1,600
Comfort terra-cotta, artist's proof 11" h 1,200
Compatibility terra-cotta, artist's proof 11" h 1,200
Conversation terra-cotta, one of a kind 14" h 1,200
Leaning Torso terra-cotta, ed. 20 17" h 850
The Original Love Story terra-cotta, artist's proof 11" h 1,200
Waiting & Wondering terra-cotta, one of a kind 8.5" h 1,600

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Pricing Paintings

As of 15 September 2009
Drawings and sketches in pencil start off at around $90. Please check the blog for new offerings. Many of the charcoal drawings and the paintings may have their prices posted online next to their images on this site. Other prices can be given either by Borsheim Arts Studio or by the galleries and spaces carrying this artwork.

Prices are generally based on one full figure or one head and shoulders per artwork. Extra compositional elements will affect the price of the art. Prices do not include frames, crating, shipping, or applicable taxes. All prices are in US dollars and subject to change without notice.

Sizes (inches): Charcoal Pastel Oil - Monochromatic Oil - Color
9 x 12 ask $550 $550 $800
11 x 14 ask $775 $775 $1,100
12 x 16 ask $950 $950 $1,200
16 x 20 $1,600 $1,600 $1,600 $1,800
18 x 24 $1,950 ask $2,150 $2,400
20 x 28 ask ask $2,500 $3,200
24 x 36 ask ask $4,000 $4,800
larger sizes . . . ask ask ask ask

New - Giclée Prints!

Inquire here.

[nude figure art exhibit]

"Joshua" carbon pencil
43 x 17 cm, framed with mat
*Note that carbon pencil drawings are individually priced.

[commissioned fine art portraits]

2010 March: Carrie Berg of Iowa with the monochromatic portraits of her children that she and her husband Bob commissioned. Kelly worked from Bob's photographs, with his permission, of course.

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