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Colorado Alabaster
15" H x 12" W x 11"D
© 1999
One of a Kind
Kelly Borsheim

Private Collection
(South Carolina)

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[sailboat stone sculpture]

[sailboat stone sculpture] [sailboat stone sculpture] [sailboat stone sculpture]

[sailboat stone sculpture] [sailboat stone sculpture]

The above closeup is from the lower part of the sail taken from the photo on your left.
I just wanted you to see the beauty of this stone. It is pink alabaster.

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Sculpture: Carving a Stone Sailboat

by Kelly Borsheim © 1999

What do YOU see in this rock?

alabaster alabaster alabaster alabaster

I bought this 59-pound piece of pink alabaster in May 1998 while on a trip to Loveland, Colorado. I wasn't sure what I wanted to carve from this piece of stone--even after living with it for a while. What I did know was that I wanted to use all of the height I could get out of this piece and that I wanted to put a curve in the stone that I could see through (somewhat). But I still only had a vague concept.

As it turned out, my cousin David and his girlfriend Jenny got married the summer of 1998 in Minnesota (where I was born). Naturally my husband John and I headed north. During the reception, my Uncle Alan jokingly said that someday he'll get me to carve a sailboat for him (sailing is his recent fascination). EUREKA!

I still had some things to work out. The stone was so small and the patterns busy that I chose a simple shape to enhance its natural features.

During my first year in college, my dad and I use to sail his small catamaran out on Lake Travis in Austin, Texas. The thrill of it happened once we got good enough at sailing that we could sail on one hull, with the other one up in the air. The excitement of feeling the speed on the water under my feet and the wind on my face is what I remember the most. I tried to capture that in this small sculpture by leaning the sail and boat as much as I could. I finished the sculpture "Sailboat" in February 1999. The work debuted at the Arts Gala hosted by the Bastrop Association for the Arts in mid-April 1999 in Bastrop, Texas. This sculpture won second place in the 3-dimensional category.

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