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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim

"Together and Alone"

(with black marble base)
Edition of 45
26" H x 9" x 8"
Kelly Borsheim

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A 4-foot version for your garden is planned. For information, please contact the artist.

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If you would like to see the difference between the clay and the bronze, keep scrolling.

[loneliness] [aloneness] [contradictions]

[loneliness] [aloneness] [contradictions]

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Together and Alone

As a child, one of my favorite pastimes was climbing trees. I would climb as high as I could and find a comfortable niche in the tree. There I would sit for hours, so long in fact (and this still seems implausible, even to me) that the birds and squirrels would come back to the tree and get on with their business, oblivious to my presence.

Sometimes I watched them. Sometimes I watched the people below me going about their lives; other children playing in the streets. But most of the time I simply daydreamed.

It was probably then that I began to think about what it was like to be alone in a world surrounded by people. And opposites that exist together have always intrigued me.

Together and Alone is a limited edition bronze.

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[loneliness] [aloneness] [yin yang]

A viewer wrote to ask about "the alone" part. This was my response:
"Together and Alone" is about opposites existing simultaneously. In this case, it is that feeling of being alone even when one has the love and support of another, which most of us have (even if it is not from a partner). In my mind, the man represents the support structure for the woman. He may be a partner, or he may simply represent her family or friends (or possibly her God) - those who care about her. He is bigger than she is. He is strength. He holds her, protects her, and loves her. That is why he has his arms around her and he is looking directly at her. He cares. He is with her. She loves him too - as evidenced by her reaching up on tip-toes to reciprocate his embrace. He does not hold her against her will. Yet, she turns her face away and is arching her back away from him because she FEELS separate - at least in that one moment.

I am also trying to visually portray that sometimes the emotions we feel inside have more to do with WHO we are than WITH WHOM we are. The woman in this sculpture has no reason to feel alone. She has Him with her. Yet she still feels alone. These types of emotions intrigue me - the opposites that exist together.

Another Interpretation could be that sometimes when we feel alone, it is because we have pulled away from those who love and support us (instead of the other way around).

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[figure sculpture] [contradictions] [aloneness]

Figurative Sculpture

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Maquette \ma-'ket\ noun
A small sculpture made as a preparatory study or model for a full scale work


by Kelly Borsheim © 2001-2002

This is an image of me taken on the 27th of October 2001 by my sister-in-law Vicky Seiler. The piece pictured is titled "Together and Alone" and will be bronze when completed. This idea crystallized in my head while I was coming home from a trip to Colorado August 2001. Back to the top of this page.

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