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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim


Bronze with Oak Wood Base
(Hangs on a wall)
Edition of 50
17" H x 7" W x 4.5" D
Kelly Borsheim

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[Dancer female torso bronze figure sculpture]

(More photos below)

[Dancer female torso bronze figure sculpture] [Dancer female torso bronze figure sculpture]

(Above: "Dancer" bronze figure sculpture with brown/ferric patina and an oak wood base, shown here on a decorative copper table easel)

This wall-mounted sculpture, Dancer, is available in a few color themes. The first one is the traditional "brown" patina with a warm-colored granite base (shown above). The second choice (shown below) is a silver (nitrate) patina on solid black granite. And there is one green patina left. Each patina combination is very nice -- it simply depends on whether you prefer the warmer colors to the cooler ones. Please specify when ordering.

The bronze is attached to the base (if included) with screws. Then holes are drilled in the back of the base for the eye screws and wire. This piece is to be hung in the same manner as a painting on the wall, or on a small decorative table easel, as you prefer. However, due to the weight of each sculpture, it is prone to lean forwards, so tilt the easel back and make sure she is not placed in a high traffic area where she may be bumped against. The wall hanging is the safest and also will likely be enjoyed at eye level.

The bronze may also be hung directly on a wall, with no base, for a fun effect as shown with the green patina "Dancer."

More images of "Dancer" bronze with each patina below.

[fine art sculpture torso figure bronze]
Note: This silver bronze with travertine base is currently on hold for a potential client at The Franklin Barry Gallery in Indianapolis, USA. If you are interested in it, please contact Don Elliott at to inquire if the bronze dancer is still on hold. (March 2016)

Bronze Dancer with Dark Green Patina:

[fine art nude dancer torso wall art bronze sculpture]

[fine art nude dancer torso wall art bronze sculpture]

This close-up should show you the dark green color a little bit better. It is not a loud green at all, but a lovely dark color, closer to what is found in the forests. This particular bronze is available without a base, and for that reason, will be more affordable than the editions with a base. Please inquire if you would like to know more. Thank you.

[fine art nude dancer torso wall art bronze sculpture] [female nude fine art dancer torso wall art bronze sculpture]

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