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Figurative Sculpture by Borsheim


Limited Edition of 20
(no artist's proof)
34" H x 12" x 13"
Kelly Borsheim

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[figure sculpture]

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[black male bronze]
2002 Review of "From Paper to Bronze" art exhibit, Austin, Texas. Review is by The Austin Chronicle.

[black male bronze] [black male bronze]

[detail, bronze art] [bronze nude sculpture]

[figure sculpture]
(Prior to Casting)

[male figure sculpture] [African American art] [male nude]

[male nude] Reginald
Perhaps if life were simple, I would be drawn to complexity. But for now, I sculpted Reginald to give me peace and a little tranquility. The male figure is shapely and pleasing to the eye, but he is not frozen. I wanted to portray a man walking (the man Reginald who modelled for me did not have a car and walked EVERYWHERE), turning slightly as if something caught his attention. He exists simply in a moment of life and I wanted to appreciate such moments.
This bronze figurative sculpture is also shown here in clay (the green figure images), prior to molding and bronze casting. I thought I would leave these images here so you could see the differences between the piece in clay vs. bronze. (I usually offer pre-casting/introductory discounts to help me get an edition started.) This is a limited edition of 20 bronze.
the figure]

Kelly demonstrates her sculpting techniques on "Reginald" during Sculptfest 2000 (October) at the Umlauf Sculpture Museum and Garden in Austin, Texas, USA.

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[male figurative sculpture] [African American art]

[male figurative sculpture] [art of black people]

[male figurative sculpture] [art of African Americans]

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