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Figurative Sculpture by Kelly Borsheim


Wall-mounted Bronze
[Shown here with stone base]
Edition of 381
12" h x 5.5" w x 1" d

Price List

A large version of "Ten" is available.
Size is 47" h x 19" w x 2.25" d and consists of the
bronze figure only. Limited edition of 12.
Click here for details.

[nude woman bronze sculpture wall hung bas relief art]

(More images below)

Patina on Bronze Wall Art Ten

Bronze Sculpture Patina Choices:
Buffed Ferric (left) and dark green [only one left of this green]
Also note that these two bronze "Ten"s are shown without a stone base.
See images below for hangin... hardware is placed on the back to aid with this.
Also, the back side of each bas-relief sculpture is numbered and signed by me, the artist Kelly Borsheim.

[metal hook for hanging bronze bas relief wall sculpture]

[patina choices on bronze figure bas relief sculpture]

[patina choices on bronze figure bas relief sculpture] [patina choices on bronze figure bas relief sculpture]

[bas relief bronze sculpture hung on small bathroom wall] [bronze bas relief sculpture hung on wood panel wall]

Bronze Wall Art Ten On Exhibit in Italy

Here you may see "Ten" on exhibit (2009) inside Pozzo Divino,
a wine and Italian food products shop in Florence, Italia.
This was a wonderful show in a delightful space! [Thanks, Pino!]
[Florence Italy bronze figure bas relief sculpture]

[hands detail]
"Ten" (detail)
Bas-relief on travertine
by Kelly Borsheim 2002

Bronze Wall Art Ten

This bas-relief bronze sculpture was inspired by a one-minute sketch I did back in 1994. (The sketch on the left in the image to your right.) I have always enjoyed the image, but had simply filed it away with some of my more successful efforts. When I was looking for drawings to put into my exhibit "From Paper to Bronze: Sculptors Who Draw" in July 2002, I came across this one again and decided that I would do something sculptural with it. I hope you enjoy it, too.

This limited edition bronze figure is mounted on a stone (travertine) base/backboard. You may have noticed that the small tattoo on her lower leg is my logo. (This is the first sculpture that I have put my logo on.) But I have actually signed each wax (prior to casting) on the back of the bronze and numbered the edition there so that the writing does not detract from the image. You may see this signature once the bronze is unscrewed from the stone base.

1 minute sketches
by Kelly Borsheim 1994

[silver nitrate]
John's silver & copper patina

Bronze Wall Art Ten

There are some choices on the patina (finish) of the bronze "Ten". The patina you see in the images above (the traditional brown) is referred to as a "ferric patina", which refers to the chemicals used to color the metal. The other patina I like on this piece is an unusual mixture of silver nitrate -- so the effect is a mixture of silver and the copper-coloured metal coming through. It is pretty.

[silver nitrate]
"Ten" (detail of legs)
John's silver & copper patina

[silver nitrate bronze]
"Ten" # 30
Silver patina & grey fossil marble

Bronze Wall Art Ten

6 December 2005: I cannot help but keep my eyes open for new stones, so when I saw this greyish marble with lovely fossil-type patterns, I had to add my silver patina'd "Ten" to it. Edition # 23, 29, and 30 have this same silver patina and fossil stone combination. Natually, each piece is slightly different. I do not know if I will be able to find more of this marble or not, so I cannot promise anything beyond the artworks I have created now. Please contact the studio if you would like to view an image of each individual work of art.

[silver nitrate on bronze]
"Ten" (detail) # 23
Silver patina & grey fossil marble

[silver nitrate on bronze]

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